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Christian, Hello everyone


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Hi everyone! My name is christian.

I had a TIA about a year ago and have to deal with quadrantanopia now. I live in Alaska and I only saw the neurologist once. to diagnose. Its because of where I live. I have to travel to washington to see any serious doctors. Can anyone who's dealt with this stuff for awhile answer me this are there stages of healing? for this first year ive gone through seems like constant changes.


At first it was depth perception, as my vision is bad  on my left lower side. I had a hard time judging spatial relation to close objects. then It was light changes, which persists. if i'd go from natural to artificial light id have to adjust for a minute.


I feel like its getting better but lately I go through these periods where its almost like I put pair of light sunglasses on even indoors and my vision will get crazy for a minute and kind of blur a little then just fine but my light sensitivity is all over the place. Its driving me nuts but im just thinking its all part of the healing process, I don't feel anything, I'm not dizzy or any other symptom just screwed vision for a minute then fine. and sometime light flashes. Is that normal for some of you guys? like I said its been about a year.


thanks guys.


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Hi Christian :)


A very warm welcome to BTG.


I had double vision badly for about 2 years, it then thankfully began to improve.

I did not have Quadrantanopia but can empathise with some of your symptoms. Good to read you feel like its getting better, you are still in the very early stages of recovery.


There is a very helpful thread here on Quadrantanopia, i will post the link below and hopefully it may help you.  



If you click on search at the top right of the Forum, by your name and enter quadrantanopia, you will find other posts too.


Take care and we look forward to hearing more from you.


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