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Hi Merrill my wife had an SAH on 27th march,2 aneurysms, (did i spell that right ) 1 coiled on the 30th but they were unable to coil the 2nd so on the 4th april they clipped it god the longest 4 days of my life just before they took her off to theatre i got upset, she put out her hand and said come here and then said this is worse for you than it is for me is'nt it I said" i dont think so but it comes a damn good second" this is how Merrill is she always been my support,i have never done anything since i was 16 yrs old without her by my side god i feel lost now!on thursday the 7th april she was readmitted to norfolk and norwich hosp and then transfererd to Addenbrooks on sat she had a shunt fitted ( i wish i could put her head on my shoulders and do this for her. Last night she came home and has been asleep most of the dayapart from this morning she got up at 8 had breakfest but sicked it up at 9 doc came in gave her an ant sickness tab and she is back in bed now a sleep in about 30 mins i will see if she's awake and try her with some dinner.

I think that nothing in this world is worse than what she has been through this last few weeks but from a carers point of view it comes in very close, i love her so much she is what i wake for every day and it is so hard to watch this i give her all the support i can i'm not an emotionally strong person matters of the heart always get me this morning she cried not in front of me but when my daughter was here because of the confusion and after my daughter left we had acry together this is very hard and i sure many of you have been here and have come through this but does'nt it seem along way ahead thanks for listening Rod

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Guest ElaineW

I can relate to your feelings so very much but it will get easier over time. It has made me a much stronger person and I don't think I could ever go through anything so terrifying. If anyone would have told me what was in front of me I would have said I just will not cope with it but you do. Yes, it is a terrible event for those that have to go through this but I could never put into words how it msde me feel. Just make sure you and your daughter look after one another and cry all you need to. We have come so close to losing someone we love very much so we have every reason to feel like we do. Take Care


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Hi Rod,

I totally agree with Elaine. It does get better. My husband Jim suffered a non-aneurysm SAH in December of 2007. Seeing someone you love so much so sick is so hard. Take each day at a time, let your emotions flow.

Remember to take care of yourself also. I am glad you have your daughter to talk to. Believe me it is hard to think of yourself right now but you need to be well to take care of Merrill. Merrill is very early in recovery and time will make her better. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. If you have any questions or worries this is the site to ask them. Everyone here has helped Jim and I so much. I do not know what we would have done without all the support.



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