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I should have included AVM's on to this website a long time ago and after reading many other stories of brain haemorrhages and those in childhood concerning AVM's, I decided to add this forum ..... I also recently discovered that my late Mother in law, had an AVM coiled, but didn't suffer a brain haemorrhage. She had problems with hearing, a pulsing sound in her ears and from what I've been told, the blood flow, was going in the wrong direction ..... she was also treated at Wessex Neuro....

I hope that this forum will be helpful to those that have suffered the same .....

If you need an explanation of an AVM, please click on the following link....


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I was really pleased to find this Karen, I have not noticed it before :oops: to make a long story short, the neuro radiologist who did my coil, as he was 'on call' when I was admitted, normally specialises in AVH. The point of me posting now, is that if we do manage to get a support mechanism up and running here in NI I will of course use the info on the AVM website do you know anyone there, or shall I just warn them when we get that far that they may have a dramatic increase in traffic? I gather that there are more people with AVM than SAH but the AVM folk often need coiling but only rarely haemmorhage. I also found out a great deal whilst reading their website :)

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Hi Perry,

No, sorry I don't have any contacts on the AVM forum .... but, it is a v.good site.

I would make contact with the Administrators there and let them know about the support mechanism that you are trying to put in place in NI.. I've found most folks on other sites, to be very accommodating.

Good luck Perry with your endeavours!

Karen x

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