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Hi All

I'm sure some of you will have read the thread by Cookie (Jan) regarding the trial she is taking part in being done by Walton Neuro Centre.

I have been very frustrated borderline depressed with my inability to lose weight since the SAH also the constant head/nerve pain I suffer with. Having a good Doctor I mentioned possible Pituitary problems to him. He promptley sent me for more blood tests even though the ones I had had 6 months before showed no irregularities.

The blood test returned normal but as I pointed out to my G.P normal test don't always show problems. Living in a world of not what you know but who my G.P is friendly with a Consultant Endocrinologist at the Royal Liverpool so said he would have a word and forward me if necessary.

Within two weeks I had an appointment so yesterday I went to see them. I must admit they were really thorough and talked through all my concerns and problems both post and pre SAH.

At the end of my examination I was told that Endocrinologists are very aware that SAH's can damage the Pituitary but they do lack research as yet. I was also advised that in most cases it is likely to be several years or more after the event and that as the problems are so subtle it is very hard to diagnose.

Therefore I had more blood tests but she does think that personally I probably am not suffering from damage to the Pituitary as yet obviously if my blood test shows anything they will call me back sooner then my next appointment which is in six months time.

I was just grateful that I was taken seriously both by my own G.P and the Endocrinologist. Iam posting a link for the Pituitary Foundation with one word of advice when you read the different conditions and symptons we as survivers can relate to at least one or more of them. Hope that some of you will find it useful and will let you know how I progress.


Janet x

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