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going back to work

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Hi on 3 august merrill saw the consulant again she had coiling, clipping and a shunt fitted for hydracephalus, the letter he wrote to our gp said that merrill continues to have memory problem and can be very wobbly at times she had a ngegative rombergs test and that he thought that returning to work on a very part time basis under heavy supervision might be therapeutic to her infact the meeting we had with him and the letter he wrote in no way bore no resemblance,

Merrill is having ot at the moment and awaiting physio, speach and language therapy(although i dont see aproblem with her speech) and we were told that she would see a nuerophyscologist, they said this would be a long job and the doctors words there were this could take 2 years i don,t promise to make you better but i do promise to teach you to live with it, who do you listen to.

and at the moment we are waiting to hear about her DLA who would they listen to if we had to appeal

I hear so much about shunt malfunction this tends to be my biggest worry am i being over anxious.

I think when these consulants put these sort of things in letters they over step the mark a bit surely it's the job of the rehab centre to say when some one is ready for work Thanks for listening Rod (got that off my chest then )

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Hi Rod

No-one will force Merrill into work until she is completely ready to return. Returning to work can be good as it helps with confidence but only when Merrill is ready and well enough to take that step.

Wishing Merrill the best of luck with her O.T and hope she doesn't have to wait to long to see a Neurophyschologist. Try not to worry to much about the DLA and if she is turned down the first time you can appeal anyway and then you get the chance to supply all the information.

Best wishes to you both.

Janet x

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Hi Rod,

The only person who can make the decision to go back to work is Merrill, with your help of course. The rehab centre can help as well, but ultimately, it's Merrills decision. Going back to work is a huge step - a step which I made too early, but also one which I don't regret.

As for it being a long job, yes, it can be and people on here are still improving after several months and years.

There are also some on here with shunts. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Hopefully, one of the "shunters" can re-assure you.



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Rod, here I am! Complete with shunt!!! It's fine and I think is the one bit of me which gives the least trouble. As Keith said the only person who will know when she is ready to go back to work will be Merril and i feel sure that the OT, Physio etc will help when she might be ready! Most clinicians when they talk about recovery/work etc are talking from a purely clinical point of view, but psychologically there is a long way to go still after a surgical/clinical 'recovery' I am just short of eighteen months post SAH and although it does not apply to me as i am retired, I know I could not do a full day's work and in fact would probably forget where I worked let alone what I was doing! Another thing is clinicians often have no real idea of the workplace, can you imagine the average employer being happy to have back someone who needed support at the level he suggested. I think not even in the nicest workplace!:roll:

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