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The Day My Life Changed!

Samantha Whiting

It was 0750hrs on 25th April 2014, my husband had just left to take our 13yr old daughter to school, then he was heading out for the day to work. I was left at home with my 7yr old daughter getting her ready for school and myself ready for work. Had finished cleaning the kitchen after cooking scrambelled egg for breakfast.


What happened next changed my life forever. It is still a blur and I cant remember much. What I do remember was the pain in my head was excruciating never experiencing anything like it before.


I remember sitting in the frontroom and calling my daughter, grabbing hold of her and telling her, she has to call 999 for an ambulance and to call Daddy to come home, she asked me if I felt unwell, then i remember saying yes really ill. I remember holding her tight, saying those few words and that was it. We live in a rural area with hardly no signal only at the window sill in my dining room.


Four weeks later coming round in the Neuro ward and being told of my 7 year old daughter saving my life, she managed to call my husband back and when he got back home she was on the phone to the ambulance service who had said to my husband not to worry as the ambulance was on the way and that my daughter had been very brave. she was amazing, she was my guardian angel that day, as without her i wouldnt be here today.


When the ambulance arrived they rushed me to Exeter A&E and sedated me before blue lighting me to Plymouth Dereford. During my stay in ICU i had 4 brain operations, my anuerysm was coiled and a VP shunt was fitted. I suffered a massive bleed and only now have recently discovered the severity of my haemorrhage was a stage 10, which still to this day shocks and scares me.


I still suffer with headaches, fatigue and have trouble sleeping. I find it difficult in social environments and loud noises as my hearing has become more acute and sensitive. im still not back at work but am contemplating in returning next month as I feel the longer i live it the harder it will become.


I feel very lucky and grateful to have another chance, although sometimes I feel 'why me' there was no reason for it to happen in the first place. I dont want to sound selfish because I know i'm very lucky and I was called their miracle in hospital. It does seem unfair sometimes.


This is part of my story, I hope I haven't bored you too much. Looking forward to meeting some of you on here.

kind regards


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Hi Sammy :)


Thank you for sharing your story.

What an amazing very brave little girl you have :) she was your very special guardian angel that day!

Wishing you well and look forward to hearing more from you.

Take care

Tina xx

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Sad story Sammy but good,


Your little girl was brave xx


Make the most of being spoilt as they soon revert back to being like

this  .."Ask your Mum ".

Then you know you are better !!


Good luck and slowly does it .


WinB143 xx xx

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Win is so right. What a clever and quick thinking daughter you have. Also there are some great charities that help kids process traumatic events if she ever needs to talk in future.

My girls tiptoed around me for quite a long time afterwards and were easily scared until they could see more of the 'mum' energy and gumption returning but they now have a lot of empathy and care for me and also others so think they learnt a lot from the tough times. Take care Sammy. Say bravo to that little angel of yours.

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Sammy- wow, what a story!!!  a little similar to mine- except that I had a bleed instead of an anurisim (sorry I can't spell anymore) and I didn't have operations like you- yours sounds much worse.  Your little angel was your life saver!! That is awesome.

I had several things that happened to me the morning I had mine and any one of them eaisly could have made the difference in life or death. 

I am just 2 years out and it has been a tough road.

I wish you and everyone with a brain injury all the best in the world.

prayers to you!!

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Brave brave girl

But the feeling of not feeling lucky I get that totally feels as thou I've lost something don't like people too much or noise I get confused and could do with a shed in a forest somewhere although I love my family very much guess I'm still learning to live with it.

Good luck for the future

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After a bit of a break, trying to understand my new self, I have returned and reading these lovely replies, thank you for all your lovely comments, they mean so much to me. Although it has been nearly 18 mths, I still find I become quite emotional....

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