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The Day Thunder Struck

Chelle C

At around 7am my partner Verdun left the house to walk our little dog as usual I told him I was going to the loo and then would have my shower. I got in bathroom went to sit on the loo and I got this really strange feeling up the back of my head, it made me feel as if I was falling over to my left I could neither sit down or straighten myself back upright and I wondered what on earth was happening.


I managed to get a hold of wash basin and got myself stood upright but I still felt as if I was going over to my right. I knew I had to get into our living room because that's where the telephone was I managed to do this by sliding myself around the walls and doors. When I reached the living room that was when THUNDER STRUCK, I have never felt pain like it. I can remember screaming then the next thing I remember is the paramedics bringing me around on the floor, my partner had come back and found me unconscious on the floor, I had vomited all over.


I can remember asking had I had a stroke and the paramedic saying I was getting ahead of myself he said I had just fainted. They took me to hospital where they decided id had a migraine, they were going to discharge me but I started to vomit again so a young doctor ordered a brain scan. Thank the lord he did. They discovered I had a massive bleed, it took hours for them to get me transferred to the RVI in Newcastle and that was where I had coiling done the following morning which was 9th June 2014.


I can remember the professor who operated on me telling me I was a very lucky lady, as they had found a second aneurysm that hadn't ruptured. So they had coiled them both. I had the best care in that hospital they were fantastic, I spent 11 days in there I was given lots of information to read when I felt up to it, I don't think any information can prepare you for the life changing event that has occurred.

My partner has been fantastic.


When I first left hospital I was in a wheelchair as my left side was very week, that has slowly got better. He was pushing me everywhere and he has a heart condition luckily we live in a village that is flat.

I used to worry about all sorts of trivial little things not anymore I have been given a second chance and I do not intend to spend it worrying about silly things.


Yes my life has changed and I do have headaches, dizziness and I have problems with short term memory, but I am still here when I could so easily have not been. I have a brilliant partner who really does look after me and I have a lovely family also. I count myself lucky.

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Good for you Michelle,


You have the right spirit to fight this thing that interrupted us so suddenly.

You have a good outlook as we survived so we are lucky to be given a second chance.


You keep your spirits up and if you have a down day come on here and rant, as I have many a times. 


You are a fighter so I have no doubts about you.  Good luck and do not overdo it though.  As the others say water and listen to your body. 

Good luck Michelle




WinB143 xxxxxx

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Hi Michelle,

So many of us have been down this road, and you are right on all counts.


We are lucky, short term memory is still a problem, we still have headaches, dizziness and balance problems, and luckily most of us seem to have brilliant partners who you rightly applaud and appreciate.  They don't get enough credit in my book because their lives are affected by what happens to us also.


But hey, we are still here and we are lucky - look forward not back, we are who we are and you can't turn back the clock, but you can control your future.  Make it count.


Good luck, and keep posting!



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