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  1. I am a retired/disabled ophthalmologist (it’s actually my glaucoma vision loss which disabled me) I had a NASAH five years ago and the onset was heralded by a terrible headache, like many I struggled with headaches but I was lucky and they pretty much went away after 6 months. 2 1/2 years ago I needed cancer surgery, general anesthesia, and when I awoke I had a terrible headache not as bad as the acute bleed headache but really bad and worse than anything other than that. I need eye surgery next week and it needs to be done under general anesthesia. Has anyone else ha
  2. Tecumseh


    The week before Christmas I was at home with my son just waking up laying in bed while running a bath when suddenly I noticed a severe headache in the back of my head. I also noticed I suddenly had diarrhea and sweating. I went upstairs and told my son I was not feeling well and he might have to drive me to the ER at the very least he should check on me in an hour or two. OK I opened my emergency travel pack took, Zofran, Vicodan, Pepcid, Tylenol and curled up in a fetal position for 18 hours. I remember thinking I had a stiff neck thinking should it be worse in flexion or extensio
  3. What kind of altitude are we talking? If you are skiing in Colorado where the skiing is above 10,000 feet this could be very possible. One also needs to consider adjusting to altitude, if you come from sea level and than are skiing the next day this give a lot of people problems. I would consider in the future planning on not skiing the first couple of days and giving your body time to adjust to the altitude. Also if you are in the states I would say consider skiing in Utah and not Colorado. Even before I had a bleed I would get altitude headaches and last couple of years I just never ski
  4. Elizabeth This is my first post but I am a surgeon also who recently had a bleed, the big difference is my practice was winding down and was already much lighter, I am late 50s. Your husband has to realize is that guy who he was pre bleed died that day he will never come back which is not to say healing won't occur, as a previous poster noted he had a life changing event. OK specific advice. You and hubby have to decide if he is going to take disability and this depends I suspect on whether he has specialty specific coverage, heroic efforts on his part to get back to work can be used in the
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