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  1. Thanks, Subs! The timing of this NASAH is strangely fortuitous, given that we've been in a mandatory shelter-in-place order for almost the last year. Many of the things I used to do that would aggravate my head right now--movies, concerts, happy hours, restaurants, travel--aren't happening. So there's no problem with "FOMO" (or "fear of missing out," in case you hadn't seen that one.) I've actually been enjoying this time with my wife and cats, getting some reading done, watching lots of movies, walking the neighborhood, and listening to music. And, of course, taking naps!
  2. Thank you for all the warm welcomes! I look forward to being part of this very unique community. Seems these things often occur during exercise--a friend of mine told me that you never hear of NASAH happening to people while sitting around watching Netflix. (He was joking, of course.)
  3. Hello, I live in Oakland, California, USA. I had a NASAH on December 23, spent 5 days in the hospital with excellent care, and then sent home with minimal information. I'm so glad I discovered this forum--I'm having on-going symptoms that have freaked me out a bit, but reading through some of these posts, I see it's all to be expected and shared by other NASAH folks. This is also helping manage my expectations in terms of how long they'll go on for--the doctors really made it seem like I'd be back to my baseline within 6 weeks. With me, it's like I improved
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