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  1. Hi Sarah, Just come back from my doctors, she checked all my notes letters & the MRI scan about my Annie treatment & results. There was no mention of a remaining untreated Annie or that I was not under any such surveillance. She agreed that the letter was not correct. So it has been rewritten. States...... Review of notes & letters from neurology show that there is no untreated aneurysm & further surveillance ceased .Neurology appointments concerning blepharospam continue. every 4 months. The doctor quite understood why I would feel concerned about the way it was
  2. Thank you Sarah for your reply. So much so I am going into my doctors in the morning to see about seeing someone concerning this matter. I need it cleared up one way another. Sonia x
  3. Hi All, Thoughts please. I had reason to ask my doctor for a letter about my medical record. It stated about my two aneurysms being stabilised following the embolization procedure. It then went on to say, that I have a remaining smaller aneurysm which remains under surveillance a cerebral aneurysm was embolised.. I am totally confused by that comment. I was never told there was a smaller one. I had the second Annie sorted in 2011 had a MRI scan done 2 years later all being fine. They discharged from their care. All that was ever said to me was if I ever fel
  4. I have filled the forms in the other week. Great idea Sonia x
  5. Welcome Jude, Some great positive comments, from them who knows. Hope you have many Happy days during these sunny days. Love Sonia xxxx
  6. Hi Rachel, Sorry to see your thread this morning. I hope you can find some comfort for you, after all that has been going on for you. Emotions must be all over the place right now. Give things time for all concerned. Take care Sonia xxx
  7. Hi All, I could not believe it yesterday in the post I had my appointment at Bristol eye hospital, to have the pictures of the back of my eyes taken. Going on Mon 8th Oct. The other letter was my appointment for the eye check up next Sept. How's that for service then from the NHS. I think I have to have a two yearly MRI scan, to check the Annies are still sealed. Love Sonia xxxx
  8. Hi All, I thought I would let you know how my appointment went yesterday morning, to find out about my left eye disc being cupped. It would seem it happened due to the two Annies. It was caused more by the first one 11 years ago, resting on the optic nerve.For how long who know's. It was only discovered when I started to lose most of my sight in the eye. He asked if I would go up to Bristol eye hospital, so they can put some drops in and take some pictures of the back of my eye. You will know about that Anne. He wants me back in 12 months time to check that all is well. A letter will be s
  9. Hi, I went down to my local hospital on Monday afternoon. I had an eye test and went on the machine to test my fields of vision. All the results will be with the consultant, when I go down again next Tuesday morning.It mentioned that they might be putting the drops in again on that visit. Hopefully I should get some answers to why the disc in my left eye is cupped. When I saw them last time, I had not had my second Annie, so I will mention that to him to see if that could have caused this problem with the disc. Thanks Ann for all the information you wrote for me explaining what a disc cup
  10. Vick, As I mentioned to you about coming to Sydney last month. I had to travel by myself, I had never been to Heathrow, always gone from my local airport. I was so pleased with myself that I was able to do it. Many of us here give some thoughts to being able to fly again. What would it feel like in our heads. But I think you will find most of us were just fine. So take your time and find your wings and fly away. Where in Oz do you and the family live? If I were younger then I think its a great place to live. I thank god for Skype, so I can see our family in Sydney. Take care. Night Nigh
  11. Hi , I have not lost any friends due to have annies and a SH. Sorry to read you have. What a shame about your friend being anger with you. It's not your fault it happened to you. Lets hope she never needs someone in her life when things are not good. You never know what is round the corner. I have been back from your wonderful country, for over a month now. I stayed in Sydney, what a great place to be. I love it. You just get on with your life. You have your family, a job. Sounds like you are doing ok. You can't spend your time worrying about others who don't care. Folks on here do. Nice
  12. Hi Goldfish, Have one hell of a Happy Annie day, thinking of you miss. You always make me LOL with your comments, when I know things can be hard for you some days. You have kicked some asses along your journey. So don't let us down, keep at it and you will get there I have no doubt about that. I am away for a few days. If we can't catch any fish on our trip. I am so glad to have you Goldfish as a good mate of mine, take care of you. Your boys and doggie. Lots of Love and bags of smiles coming your way. Sonia xxxx
  13. Ann, I forgot to mention that both my Annies were found resting on my optic nerve, which caused the loss of most of my sight in my left eye. The first Annie was dealt with in 2001. They said they couldnot tell how long it had been there. I could have been born with it. It was so big, the size of a old 5 pence. They had to think very carefully what they were going to do about it. Because of the size and losing my sight compleatly. The second one two years ago, was a smaller one, which was close to the first one. I think thats why I am thinking could this cupping be another one. As the artery
  14. Many thanks for your detailed mail about my cupped problem. I was shown the pictures of my left eye on the opticians computer, after he had looked at them and had taken pictures. He did'nt want to send the letter to my doctor,he wrote it there and then for me to hand to her myself. You will understand my concerns. I am wondering if when I had my last MRI scan two years ago to check that my second Annie was sorted, can they see that way about any change in disc cupping etc. Maybe this has occured during the last two years then, or since I had my last eye test? Can this problem be seen only wh
  15. Hi All, I have been told the disc is cupped in my left eye. Have to see someone in Sept.I am wondering if the damage was caused by my two Annies that were on my optic nerve. Or could it in fact be another Annie forming. It will be nearly 2 years since the last Annie was dealt with. So I will no doubt be called in for a MRI scan in Aug. Before I go for this disc cupping appointment. Maybe they will see this during the scan. Off to have my botox injection in the morning to help deal with my eyelid closure. Thanks fpr letting me tap this on here. I have had this on the back burner while I hav
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