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  1. I’ve recently been diagnosed with postural hypotension after a visit to A&E due to my 5th fall. I’m constantly nauseous, dizzy have a whooshing sound in my head and have involuntary jerking of my limbs, my GP is now deciding where to refer me to. I must admit, I’m feeling nervous.
  2. Hi everyone I haven't been on for a while. I'm having severe mobility problems, I had my perimesencephalic sah 3/11/16. I'm also slightly annoyed and not sure what to do. My gp sent me to a stroke unit who I must admit are doing things, I've already had a full MRI of lumber to thoratic spine, just awaiting results. I am struggling with severe memory loss but the consultant told me a brain angiogram was done whilst I was in hospital. I'm sure I didn't have this as I only had brain MRI as bleed didn't show on ct scan and 3 attempts at lumbar puncture was unsuccessful ( I have damaged discs already). To my knowledge they have to go through the groin for this procedure and although my memory is bad now I would have known at the time if they would have done this. I remember going into MRI scanner etc. Question is, should I query this with consultant or is brain MRI clear enough to spot any abnormalities. Would really appreciate your advice. Mine was a perimesencephalic sah and I was in a general hospital it didn't have a neurology department so they had to liaise with the neurology hospital. Wendy.
  3. Hi I too am 3 weeks post and have contacted the hospital today to ask the very same question as mine was a perimenci something sah (sorry I can't spell it) I had repeat brain MRI last night to check for any abnormalities now hopefully this blood has gone but getting really bad headaches tonight at the back of my head I think because I overdid it today. My husband has epilepsy and unfortunately had a seizure so I had to look after him. I think it's just time and when you feel right but be careful and try not to overdo things. I rely heavily on the information from this site and the really lovely people on here. Take care Wendy x
  4. Sammy Ann I really feel for you. Luckily for me the police arrested my violent ex hubby after he attacked both myself and my son. We went to court and they ordered him to a higher court as they wanted a longer sentence, sadly the judges at a higher court gave him community hours!! We were rehoused but in same county. I hope you can now live in peace and rebuild your lives and move on from this traumatic experience. 8 years later I met someone and remarried so it can happen. Good luck and please try and relax as stress won't help you. Wendy x
  5. Sorry for the questions but another one is I keep getting spasms in my lumber spine that hit like a bullet and make me legs weak. Is this normal please? many thanks Wendy
  6. Thank you all for your advice. I'm struggling with balance and bright lights currently. Really hoping this is short term.
  7. Hi all New here, I had a Non aneurysm sah Thursday gone, just home struggling with blurred vision , balance and bright lights. I'm in the uk and the local neurology department have never seen one of these before. Any advice welcome hence recovery time, driving etc. My car insurance is due for renewal next month and I really don't know what to do. I obviously won't drive until I get to all clear.
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