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  1. Missy67


    I too suffered with very bad Tinnitus, and got checked out. Much to my dismay found out I've got congenital deafness, there's me thinking my SAH had worsened my hearing. Anyway unfortunately there's not a great deal of medical treatments for Tinnitus, however reducing on caffeine apparently helps, sometimes feeling stressed also exacerbates the ringing, so try to remain in a calm environment.It will get better overtime with your recovery.
  2. Missy67

    A sixteen year old's story

    Sending you lots of hugs Sophie,its early days.I totally understand how your feeling, it's been a major event for you,especially as your so young. A local group I attend has a young lady not much older than you, she has done marvellous,you'll get there with the love and support from your family and friends . you need to rest, sleep when your tired,let your friends take you out even if it's just going for a short walk.There is light at the end of the tunnel. Godbless you xxx
  3. Missy67

    Steve - new member

    Hi Steve, welcome to the group, I too have been in the RVI-fantastic regional centre.I'm post 8 months now, and managing to work full time again, and just got my license back last week from DVLA. what you are going through is perfectly normal, take each day as it comes, plenty of rest , listen to your body, let the family help you.I love quietness hate noise now. There is a local monthly support group at the RVI which is great help for you and your wife, your not alone. Take care, let's hope that the weather improves, and you can relax in the garden, take your daughter to the park when your feeling stronger, as your going to feel weak for a while. Dont overdo it, tired have a sleep xx
  4. Missy67


    I really sympathise with the sleeplessness. I'm 7 1/2 months post SAH, and after about 2 weeks could not sleep at night, tossing and turning fighting it. I eventually gave in and would get up have a cuppa and watch the telly, well it was on ,but not concentrating on the actual program. I reduced my afternoon sleep to a nap on the sofa, for a about 30 minutes, power nap, or nana nap as I call it.My therapist said it was good that I did that, also advised not to use iPad etc at night when in bed, as they are too stimulating for the brain. I hope things settle as it did eventually for me, took some persevering. Take care of yourself also Michelle
  5. Missy67


    Misty The Dvla actually took my license off me, that is I had to send it too them.So don't want to take any risks with not having paper evidence on me.They wouldn't accept my original application until they received a letter from the consultant, stating I was safe to drive. So the application has been done again, and nescessary paperwork sent to consultant!!! Just awaiting Trump to sign an Executive order ???
  6. Missy67


    Have you had any response yet? I reapplied 3 1/2 months ago. Its in progress now as the DVLA were insisting on a special letter from my consultant and the secretary bearing in mind it's a regional centre didn't know what I was talking about, its been done now,and DVLA happy and they sent me the forms out again to complete.however I'm not sure if my consultant has completed their documents to send back to DVLA as I know they are usually very slow with admin work. Fingers crossed we both get sorted soon, I'm getting fed up waiting on buses from work because if I miss it, it's then a 30 minute wait, it's okay if there's somebody nice to talk too. Good luck
  7. Missy67

    HeatherH New member

    Heather I know you and Rebbecca from the support group. What a lovely young lady she is. Hopefully I can make some more sessions but I'm up and running literally, pounding the pavements again and at work full time. lol Michelle
  8. Missy67

    Hi from Phil - new member

    I'm the fourth generation to have had a SAH, there's 2 of us in the same generation to have had one months apart, however my consultant would not commit to saying it's hereditary. However the local NHS have been fab in screening 3 relatives. Even if they won't screen my daughter when she's older, I'm prepared to go private.
  9. Missy67

    Hi from Phil - new member

    Hi Phil I had my SAH around the same time as you, needing major craniotomy and clipping of the ruptured aneurysm. Like you also I have a stressful job and like to keep myself fit, by running etc. I'm still on a phased return managing 30hrs per week now, you did wonders by returning to nearly full time after a short period of time off. My consultant said to take at least 6 months off, however to go back when ready, so I did building my hours up. As one of the doctors I work with said "Work to live and not live to work" I've followed what he said. Listen to your body, our brains have been through a major trauma, the tiredness is due to the nerve pathways fighting each other. Don' t worry about poor memory at times, it will improve, it's just exacerbated by the tiredness. Put yourself first, and your family All the best
  10. I've been weight training for past 2 months, building up my strength as was very weak post surgery. Dont overdo the weights and don't strain, I do lots of walking now, sometimes with heavy shopping as still awaiting for my driving license. listen to your body, if your struggling to move the weight go down to a lower amount, it's still exercising.Good tip when moving the weights regardless of muscle group suck your tummy in and this will tone your abs. Good luck
  11. Hi Zach Please cut down on the alcohol gradually.Its just if your drinking heavily stopping immediately can bring on a seizure. Be careful as often people who drink to excess can fall bang their head causing a cerebral bleed or haematoma. See if your local neurological hospital have clinics for headaches or migraines a lot of them do, your Gp can refer you. Take care and look after yourself ps As well as having had a recent SAH, I work in healthcare
  12. Missy67

    Exercise/running post SAH

    Well done you I'm so jealous, I was running up to 10k B4 my SAH 6 months ago. I am still not driving, however I walk everywhere and started back at the gym after 4 months and treated myself to personal trainer 2 x a week, which has been of great help to build my strength up as had a lot of general weakness and muscle wastage. dont overdo it as you will get fatigued, its early days ?
  13. Missy67


    New to this group, however have looked at this fantastic site ages ago, well it seems like it!! Now 6 months post SAH and craniotomy to clip the little ******. Long journey but getting back to health and phasing back to work. The only niggle I have now is the wait for my drivers license, just because I am shrinking not only in weight but in height with all the walking I do. If you need a bus, I can tell you what number to get or distance from A to B even how many steps/ miles. For those who needed a craniotomy do you get head pain, not particularly a headache when tired? Take care my new friends.