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  1. Hi all, I honestly cannot believe that an entire year has gone by. It's the strangest feeling. It's difficult to remember a time before SAH I question sometimes just making sure, God did all of this just really happen in a year?! An obviously the answer is yes. Yes the absolutely mental year that you really couldn't write has just happened, and it's happened to you! I was thinking the other day how funny it is that your body just adapts to new situations, or rather how your mind and emotions adapt to the new way of living. At 17 I have simply adapted, I think that's a good wa
  2. It's been a very long time since I have written anything, so I figured it was time for an update. I passed my exams to begin with! I am now three months into my A levels and loving every second, surprising! Now that everything in my life is relatively normal again it's hard to believe that at one point this would have been the point when the doctors suggested I should have taken my GCSE's instead of taking them so soon after my operation. The summer was also full of festivals, another example of something that was suggested wasn't going to happen. SAH is still a
  3. Riorita, I would like to repay your compliment, I think you are a wonderful women. It's one thing to be the person going through trauma, as you know exactly how you feel and what you want. But to be the person standing by watching it happen, especially to a loved one, is extremely difficult. But I think you are doing so wonderfully well. Please keep updating us xx
  4. I can't thank you all enough for your wonderful support, it has improved my recovery immensely. I have finally been able to lift myself out of the bleak area and start living a little again, I got the train yesterday which was the first time since I collapsed (I can't believe I found a train journey so exciting!) My GCSEs have also finished and I am no looking towards my prom which is again something that at one point was not going to happen. I have also started to write all my thoughts and feelings down, everything I can possibly think of and I am now trying to compre
  5. I'm finding almost everything extremely emotional at the moment. My family has provided me with the most fantastic support, but I feel very isolated from them at times, I just can't seem to shake the hollow feeling inside. My short term memory loss has also become far more prominent to me as I could remember a conversation word for word and now I struggle to put a story together which is becoming extremely frustrating as I'm sure you will all understand! I am having a party in early July to welcome me home and celebrate my survival. The word 'survival' again is something that seems
  6. I would just like to say thank you to everyone that has messaged me. I collapaed on Saturday night 22nd April I was out with friends, they very cleverly called an ambulance and my mum. Unfortunately when the ambulance men arrived they thought I was drunk or had taken something (which I wasn't) I have since found out that I had collapsed for about 15 minutes and had thrown up all over myself (not my style) I have no memory of this at all, I couldn't speak after I had collapsed also. The ambulance men then took me to Kingston hospital, I was actually discharged from Kingston hospital
  7. As a healthy sixteen year old being told that you need life saving brain surgery is a little more than unexpected to say the least. In April of this year I collapsed with friends and was rushed to hospital. After many different scans and an extremely Ill teenager who had never had an issue in the past, let's just say I left doctors puzzled. However, my medical mystery wasn't left without an answer for long. My family and I soon found out that I had a ruptured aneurysm which is otherwise known as a Subarachnoid haemorrhage. Within 48 hours I was having life saving brain surgery
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