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    18th January 2008
  1. Hi there Do you have a CD with the original images on them from your first CT scan? If so I suggest that you get a neuro radiologist to review it and give their opinion. The distribution of blood in perimesencephalic SAH is quite distinctive and if you had a CT done soon after it should show that pattern and will therefore give you a diagnosis. Having a CT now will not tell you what the distribution was soon after your SAH but obviously could show an aneurysm that was originally missed although I was told this is highly unlikely. Good luck in your follow up, do not be too worried until you have some facts.
  2. It is ages since I have been on the site, I have gone from being an almost daily visitor to not visiting for months. I have only just noticed that I have not been on the site and the obvious reason is I FEEL BETTER. I had not even noticed that I had improved so much over the past year or so until I reflected on it recently and realised I was back to living a full life. I felt I should post these positive feelings because it is was helpful to me to read about full recovery (or nearly full!) when I thought that would never happen to me. When doctors told me it may take two years to recover I thought they were mad, it would only take me a few weeks or so I thought. Mmmmm, they were totally correct. After about 18 months I decided that the way I was at that stage would be the new me but since then I have carried on improving and now I am as I was pre SAH except for a sore/stiff neck when I get tired. A recent holiday with lots of walking made me realise that I no longer had a problem with activity, very different from the past few holidays. Doing some temp work at the moment which has gone on for much longer than I expected and I can cope, unlike the previous year. Having to drive up and down the motorway to elderly mum, last year it exhausted me and I took weeks to recover, now it is not a problem. Even simply doing the Christmas shopping, writing cards or walking round London, couldn't do it last two years, no problem this year. Browsing the net for long periods, fine now. Housework, don't know, try not to do too much!! All very simplistic and ordinary things but things that I could not do for the first two years but now I can. Hope this helps some of you in some small way. Ann
  3. Before getting in a panic it may be worth checking if it is a catheter angiogram or an MRA, magnetic imaging angio. I was terrified of having another angiogram when I got a letter for one, I called the consultants secretary who seemed baffled that I was in a state about it. It turned out after further discussion that it was an MRA which is not in the least scary!I felt a bit of a fool for being stroppy and in a panic! Either way, good luck with both the procedure and the outcome. Ann
  4. Hi Di and welcome. Recovery from SAH with no aneurysm is very similar in all respects to with an aneurysm so take care and take each day as it comes, keep on the reduced hours and dont beat yourself up if you have bad days when you feel you cant cope. Keep up with the positive recovery and enjoy life! Ann
  5. Hi again I had a CT, MRI, MRA and catheter angiogram and still no aneurysm was found. I took longer to recover than Jodee, well done Jodee, I suffered from pain behind my eye for many months and got very bad neck ache too whenever I got overtired which was frequently as I was determined to get back to normal as soon as possible so pushed myself too far. Although I could work for a few hours a day after a few months it was a year before I could do a full day and even then I could not do a full week but as I said, we are all different.. If I could go back in time I would be more patient and let my body dictate the speed of recovery rather than try to rush things. I know now that the eye pain and neck ache meant I should rest straight away rather than carry on and end up in bed for a few days feeling dreadful! Just take your time and you willl recover better.
  6. Hi Aaki and welcome. I had non aneurysm SAH too and you will see my posts on here if you click on my profile. Mine was two years ago and I now feel I am probably as mended as I will ever be if that makes sense! It took much longer to recover than I anticipated and you will have to be patient and perhaps return to previous lifestyle in a very controlled, slow way. Tiredness and neck ache were my main problems for many months but we are all different and recover at different ways. I understand how diificult it is to find information about our type of SAH. Any questions you have just ask. All the best with your recovery Ann
  7. Welcome to BTG, glad you now have peace of mind re finances and can concentrate on getting better instead. Your GP sounds like he/she has your best interests covered and is being realistic and sensible. Everyone here knows what you are experiencing and it can be a great source of comfort Ann
  8. Hi there DO not worry, the CT angiogram is the easy one with the dye in the arm just as you suspected so no pain and nothing to worry about. Congratulations on feeling well enough to return to work but do not underestimate how tired it may make you feel, take care and do not feel that you have to be superwoman, if you need to do less hours then do so and speak to your employer. Good luck with the return. Ann
  9. I have been reading your posts waiting for good news!! So glad that the tables have turned and things are looking up for you both, long may it continue. X
  10. Hi Caz I had acupuncture from physio. I was a complete sceptic, thought it was a load of rubbish but went along with it. It was the best thing I ever did in the long run. Made me feel terrible for a couple of days afterwards, as she said it would, but then relief from neck pain for months. She put a needle in my hand which she sid was the pain point for my neck and I sobbed and sobbed for ages as the pain in my hand was so bad, all my emotions came pouring out. It was so odd and so unexpected, I felt really silly at the time. Ann
  11. Hi Jod Dee Oh how familiar your post sounds, we must have had the same neurologist I think!! No seriously though, most doctors only come across a few people in their career span who have SAH with no aneurysm, in addition to that there is little research evidence available either, so we are a bit of an unknown quantity, and as such tend to get fobbed off as doctors are not prepared to tell us they don't know the answers, that is how I feel anyway. I have posted on here previously how I have felt a fake as there are no scars etc (try looking back at my posts, it used to help me to look back at a couple of others on here who had been through similar things who were a couple of years further in to recovery) I can only echo what everyone else has said, you are doing really well to even be on the computer at this stage. Recovery is an unknown path, take it as it comes, one step forward and occasionally two steps back. Rest is definitely the most important thing, frustrating though it may be. Only you know how you feel and don't let anyone else dictate how you should be feeling and do not let them put a time scale on it, only your body can do that. Good luck, Ann
  12. Hi Jod Dee.Welcome to the site. A great first posting re the use of grey, thoughtful and showing insight.Do not think my grey matter was functioning quite so well just one month after SAH,or even at any time since, you must be doing well! Patience is something that I too have in short supply but it is a useful virtue to have post SAH so try to see if you can find some from somewhere. Look forward to hearing more from you.Any questions just ask. Ann
  13. Hi Diane and welcome Sounds like a SAH with no aneurysm maybe? Two weeks lying slightly tilted was what they did to me too, also repeated angio, no aneurysm found. As others have said, you will need to be patient and be there for your husband as it is a rocky road to recovery (as I am sure you know as a nurse)and emotions can run high at times for both sufferer and carer. Good luck with everything, there is always support here for everyone. Ann
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