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  1. Thanks Win - it's funny you should say that about stress - I find that I can't cope as well as I could before with stress and now it makes me feel physically ill. Strange isn't it?! I think I'm getting a bit more worried about my health nowadays - and when I do get a pain I wonder if it might be the start of an SAH building up... I guess it's just natural to stop and think...'hey up...what's happening here'. Had my blood work done today so I'll give it a few days and book an appointment with the Doc to see what might be going on. xxx
  2. I would vote a 6 but can't see how to click on the vote button?
  3. Thanks Super Mario - they did tests on my heart before a major op last year and all is fine - so it's got to be something else. I'll keep pestering!!
  4. I was back at work after 3 months but it took a good year or two to feel like my old self and I still suffer from memory issues. Perhaps you need to think about changing surgeons or hospitals to try and look at sorting out your head pain. Sorry can't help with your disability question but best of luck x
  5. I had my NASAH (no known cause for my subarachnoid brain haemorrhage) in Feb 2012. For the past year I have had head pains (on the right at the back of my head) that I haven't had before, walking fast gives me pain to my jaw (but my heart checks out fine) and for the past month I've been having something like muscle cramps along my left arm often in my bicep or around the inner elbow which sometimes moves to my upper arm, and last night to my leg a little and this evening I'm getting tingling in my left arm as well. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had the same? I've just been diagnosed with diabetes and need to be retested before being put on something so I'm dieting hard on low carb diet to try and improve the situation (I'm overweight). Part of me wonders if I could be heading for another SAH - while the other part says it must be my diabetes which I'm getting checked out now with the doctor. Has anyone had what they would term as another SAH or feeling that an SAH might happen and if so, how did you feel? I'm not panicking but just want to get an idea if anyone else has experienced what i'm going through now. My SAH gave me a weakness on my right side but these pains on my left are enough to keep me awake at night so yesterday and today I've taken pain killers just to help me sleep until I find a solution. Sorry for rambling!!
  6. Thanks everyone for feedback - really appreciated. Well so far it is 4 out of 6 people who, just like me, have a crease on just their left ear following an SAH - which is 66.67% (and below the American Journal of Medicine which ran at 88%) ...but it's still early days yet so I'm hoping for more responses! I wonder if it's a fluke that for those who DO have a crease, it so far seems to be just on the left side? mmm.... interesting to see where this goes! Wouldn't it be great if we could say this is a potential warning sign for others to get themselves checked in order to reduce morbidity levels for SAHs? The only thing is, I don't actually remember if I had the crease before my SAH or after - do you? (if you do, please mention that in your response).
  7. A crease line on your earlobe (known as Franks Sign) is purported to be a tell-tale sign of a stroke and heart disease (I'm obviously focused more on the stroke example being a survivor of an SAH). The Daily Mail (see link here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4548952/Ear-lobe-crease-tell-tale-sign-stroke.html said that scientists who examined 241 people who had experienced a stroke found more than three-quarters of them had the mark. It's thought that clogging of the arteries which increases the risk of a stroke also leads to poor blood supply to the ear lobes causing loss of elasticity and creasing. The American Journal of Medicine said 78 of 88 patients who suffered a full-blown stroke (88%) had creased ear lobes. Other sources say an earlobe crease is a potential indicator of coronary artery disease and/or diabetes. My SAH happened back in Feb 2012 and I suffer a small amount of weakness on my right hand side of my body and the odd night twitches, but otherwise made a full recovery (one of the lucky ones) although I had hydrocephalus complications and needed my brain draining twice at the time. I have a crease on my left ear. I wonder how many other SAH survivors have a crease on their earlobe too?
  8. Hi Win - lovely to be back online - rarely get the time nowadays but really hope you are doing well while I've been away! Snooty x
  9. My op was cancelled 3 weeks ago after being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes which then got downgraded last week to pre-diabetes following a drop in weight of 1 stone and change in eating habits over past month. My father has type 2 but I have also heard that diabetes can often come along after a shock or illness. My brother died in Nov 2011 and I had my SAH in Jan 2012 so perhaps I was already pre-disposed to it or perhaps the shock of life events pushed me towards getting it.
  10. I don't get panic attacks but thought I'd add to your poll anyway x
  11. Hi Jimble I also get weird hot spots in my body - on my arm or on my leg or on a specific point on my head e.g. forehead - and I've put it down to my body being pre-menopausal and just hot flushes which aren't full on menopause hot flushes but perhaps impaired hot flushes due to damage caused by the SAH. I don't know of course. I used to have tinnitus but after getting cranial osteopathy it resolved it. So glad to hear you recovered for a second time xx
  12. I am on 12.5mg of Losartan which is a really low/minimum dose - and I'm given this as a preventative measure as my BP is higher than normal but not too bad. I used to have low BP before my SAH. Many people here are talking about tinnitus - I used to have clicking in one ear and whooshing blood sounds in the other ear when I went to bed at night which used to drive me nuts. I also seem to hear 'birds singing' when it's quiet - but my partner tells me I'm hearing things LOL. However back to the tinnitus: I finally tried cranial osteopathy after my sister set me up with an osteopath (my sister is an osteopath but doesn't specialise in the cranial osteopathy side). Well...I found it expensive at around £45 a pop and it felt like she did nothing other than gently massage my head for 15 minutes or so. I felt really quite let down and annoyed and personally after my first 2 sessions thought I was wasting my money and time. On my 3rd session I asked how many other sessions I needed and she mentioned 1 or 2 more at the most. Well...I went home feeling somewhat defrauded because once again during the session it felt like it was a wishy washy affair not capable of changing anything. I resolved not to go again. I'm not sure how long after I noticed anything...perhaps a few days or a week, but not long after my third session I noticed that all the clicking and whooshing sounds had stopped entirely and it's now a few years later and I still don't have any issues with this - although last week I remember hearing a clicking sound for the first time in ages which has gone again. Anyway I was / I am really pleased. I still don't quite understand how what she did could have made a difference...gently feeling along my scalp and gentle pressure ....but I cannot say that I didn't get a really positive result either - so I can only conclude that it works even despite my obvious misgivings. I still hear bird song where there is none though!! My mum hears music which isn't there and it is a condition in itself but that's another story LOL. Hope that helps! Snootybutnice
  13. There seems to be some links with SAH and heart issues - so my poll is just to see how many of us later go on to develop heart related issues. I had my SAH 5 years ago with complications of hydrocephalus and I'm currently being checked out for heart issues - the symptoms of which I only really started to notice a year or two after my SAH Thank you for taking part in my survey! Snootybutnice x
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