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  1. Thanks CaseyR will definetly start a daily journal
  2. Thank you Sarah. i was also told i could have an anomaly, but after another scan, they couldn't find anything. so they told me, not to worry. If the strange feelings keep happening, i will contact my gp to make sure. Hope everything goes well with your scan and thanks again.
  3. Hi, just coming up to 1 year post sah. Improved a lot. Decided to finish work as body cant take it anymore, Just recently,having a small brain freeze feeling now and again and also strange ticking dripping feeling in back of my neck and spine. I was wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms, as I thought my brain had completely healed
  4. Hi carolann 3 months since my sah I'm getting better, still got the headaches, fatigue ,and noises in my ear. But slowly getting there , I've seen improvement but like everyone else says it takes time. I still get fed up, why me ,but this site has really helped me, so hang in there and hopefully you will start getting better ,take care Stephen d
  5. Thanks again for everyone's help,Ive got 2appointments in the hospital,in 2 weeks time.One for another scan and for an update on my symptoms .I've decided to write everything downso I won't forget to tell them all my symptoms,sorry for moaning here and there, but I do get fed up now an d again ,and I should be more grateful I'm alive.thanks everyone
  6. I'ts nearly 3 months ,perhaps 2 and half months, but I was feeling a bit better ,but now I've gone backwards .my head is sore again,my eyes are playing up ,I feel sick and seem to be peeing all the time,(don't known if that's anything to do with the sah),thought I would be much better now .
  7. Thanks everyone again,all your comments are keeping me going.
  8. Thank you frmertd your words help me, cant wait to feel a bit normal again.
  9. Thanks Krislwal hope it is just anxiety
  10. Hi I'm back ,I still feeling rough ,but In the morning I'm not too bad,but has the day goes on Ifeel like I get pressure in my head ,and also the noise in my right ear, that all I can say is,it sounds like that pop candy, has anyone else had these symptoms.Ive got 3 appointments with the neurosurgeon soon,but was wondering,has anyone else had this pop candy feeling in side their head.
  11. Thanks again everyone ive also had tb and heartattack 6yrs ago so you can see why im worried
  12. Thank you clare,michelle and super mario for your reassurance i definetley need to drink more water glad i found this site
  13. I had a sah at end of January,I feel really tired and groggy all the time. and stay in bed most of the day.my head has different pains and I get a ticking noise in my right ear now and again. I feel that im not getting better,I go down for food but thats it.I dont like noise and bright light, my eyes are puffy all the time,anyone else feel like this.
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