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  1. Hi Dotty Welcome to btg, this is a good places to come for support There is nothing i can say that as not already been said, but i do wish your dad good luck in his recovery xx
  2. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary chris and thank you for been apart of my btg family xx
  3. So sorry you are feeling like this, i am sure things will get better for you hun. Your not the only one who gets days like this, i know i do, chin up hun xx
  4. Welcome to btg linda i had my sah in January this year and all the people on here have helped me loads they are my second family i wish you well in your recovery xx
  5. Thankyou tina when did you have yours done. And how long were you in hospital for xx
  6. Thank you btg auntie Mario i will try. I am waiting for my consultant from Newcastle to phone me about it xxand thankyou BTG aunty win yes xmartz i do wear a helmet
  7. Op is now 1st of September i am not sleeping as i cant stop worrying about it
  8. Know how you feel rosie i had my sah in January of this year too and i have to go back in hospital to have a metal plate put in and i am so worried about it i am not sleeping coz i cant stop thinking about going back in. Good luck hope all gos well for you xx
  9. Congratulations on two year anniversary and great news on the scan hun xx
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