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  1. Hi Paul welcome to BTG this is a great place to come this is my second family I call some of them uncle and auntie coz they have really helped me like a family should xx
  2. Congratulations on your sah anniversary and your wedding anniversary Macca, hope you enjoy your day xx
  3. Hi Tara I had part of my skull removed then had a metal plate put in then I got a infection and had the metal plate removed then got a new one in on the 5th of May and this time no infection so still have it in so all in all I am doing well so the doctors say I wish your mam well in her recovery xx
  4. Hi Mandy welcome to BTG I had my bleed in January 2017 I also cry at a drop of a hat it can be so bad I don't like to go out you are not alone you have us when you need to talk the people on here are great they have helped me a lot even when I feel like giving up they give me that push to keep going on I really hope things get better for you pet. All my love Andrea xx
  5. Happy anniversary clare xx
  6. Congratulations on your 13th anniversary xx
  7. Wishing you the best of luck for the 2nd of August Joan hope it all go's well Andrea xx
  8. Congratulations Jan I hope the next year is a better one for you All my love Andrea xx
  9. Lovely post Michelle and Thank You you have helped me xx
  10. Welcome Susan you have come to the right place for support I for one think this site is great all the lovely poeple are like my second family and remember your not alone you have all of us for support I wish you well all my love Andrea xx
  11. Hi Aussie welcome to BTG you have come to the right place for support I wish you well in your recovery xx
  12. Hi pat welcome to BTG IT IS A GREAT site I had my sah 14 months ago and without this site don't think I would be here now I hope you continue to recover well xx
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