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  1. Thanks for all the study information it’s very reassuring to read this and hear fellow sufferers give their thoughts. I am 7 months post NASAH and now feeling better and have just started 2 full days back at work. However strangely now I’m getting some normality back in my life I have started to dwell a little on “ what if this happens again ? “ So this discussion has certainly helped a little to put my mind at ease.
  2. Hi All, Just waiting to get go ahead from DVLA that I’m fit to drive and need to organise car insurance. What are people’s experience of car insurance companies once you inform them of your NASAH are they sympathetic or do they load your premiums quite heavily? Anyone found a particular company very good? Jill
  3. Thank you all for your comments. It’s great having a forum like this speaking to people that really understand what your dealing with on a daily basis. x
  4. Many websites mention that after a SAH you should have your eyes tested . Have many people done this ? Just about to start a phased return to work after 6 months off and I’m wondering if I should organise an eye test.
  5. Great letter It really does make you think ! Jill
  6. Hi All Just found this fantastic site. I had a NASAH in November and spent 12 days in hospital. I was wondering how long people usually take to get back to work as I have not returned yet. I work in a veterinary practice which can be physical work and also noisy. ( for 3 days a week although thinking of reducing to 2 days ) My headaches have mostly gone however the back of my head feels tight and my neck stiff most of the time. I still feel uncomfortable looking up to the ceiling and down at my feet ! Im Not sure if I should start a phased retu
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