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Non Aneurysm - info needed

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i've been reading about non anurysm sah and im abit confused, well i am anyway but abit more now :confused: people with non anurysms had quite a short stay in hospital whilst i was there for 3 months, my story is non anurysm but is more like that of an anurysm :confused: hope i'm making sense :crazy: i was paralysed down my left for 8 weeks and still am weak although getting stronger, any answers or ideas would be much appreciated! xx

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That sounds about right, often when a specific time is given in info it can be confusing, each individual varies ( I found that to my cost as I was one of the longer term patients too;-)Perhaps we misbehaved;-) That last remark was i'm afraid me being flippant, it really does depend on so many factors, I was long term by comparison with some as I got hydrocephalus which refused to drain and I fitted several times now recovering on schedule, well at least my consultants say I am :lol: An having some repairs done soon, but it is I think important for us to remember that whilst we may have similar symptoms no two folk seem to be exactly the same :-DKeep asking on here kelly as it a very good way to find out, I find it so much easier than trying to communicate with the hospital, who are helpful but work at a different level;-)

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