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  1. You need to check with your Dr still though just to be sure xxx That family photo I had both children after my sah the one is now 16 the other 12 so you can still live a normal life xxx
  2. I still get a feeling in my head like it's full a balloon or something being blown up 18 years later but check with your dr dont worry and drink plenty of water and rest xxx
  3. Congratulations on your 6 year anniversary xxx
  4. Hi there I haven't got a shunt after they took my temporary one out but anyway I have brain zaps lightheadedness and headaches even after 18 years it's worse when I haven't drunk any water so make sure you have plenty of also gets worse when I do to much or am really tired xxx Hope things improve for you soon xxx
  5. Win R.I.P you will be missed by everyone who knew you thanks for coming into our lives and making them brighter. Me Garry and Shayne clapped for win aswell last night so sad xxx
  6. Sarah so sorry about your mom she was a wonderful person who will never be forgotten she was always there to make people happy when they were down she could always make me smile xxx
  7. Welcome to btg xxx Its still early days for you rest whenever you need drink plenty of water xxx
  8. Congratulations on your anniversary hope you have many more xxx
  9. Congratulations that is brilliant news xxx
  10. Kathy congratulations on your anniversary xxx And hope your granddaughter has a wonderful 1st birthday xxx
  11. Hi there Simone welcome to btg sorry you have to be here xxx Congratulations to you both on your pregnancy xxx I have had two children since my bleed 17 years ago one of which turned 16 last October he makes me feel old lol xxx I had them both naturally and we were ok anything you need to ask at all just ask me I am more than happy to tell you my experiences xxx
  12. I too suffer with tinnitus have a loss of hearing (only slight) in one ear but I just ignore it sometimes I get a sudden noise (like my ear as gone under water) then it makes a long sound like derrrrrrr but I am used to it now so don't really think about it anymore
  13. Hi there everything smelt of damp to me it was horrible it lasted about a year hope things improve for you soon xxx
  14. Mandie I did an epp course type into internet 'expert patients programme' it is for people with all manner of things pain anxiety depression but it is really helpful and it really helped me xxx You have to answer a few questions but it is easy enough to do xxx
  15. Congratulations on your anniversary xxx Hope you have many more xxx
  16. Hi I get that quite often and I have been told that I have vertigo but lots of things can cause it drink plenty of water relax and don't forget to ask at your follow up xxx
  17. Congratulations hope you have many more anniversaries xxx
  18. Louise congratulations on 20 years hope you have many more xxx
  19. Hi there firstly let me say if you are worried or suffering new or changed symtoms please see a Dr xxx I suffer brain zaps lightheadedness and headaches even more when stressed or tired and weather change affects me. I have been diagnosed with vertigo but Drs cannot seem to make up their mind which type xxx Hope it passes soon xxx
  20. Hi there I am 17 years out and I get occasional ice pick headaches I don't worry as had them ever since the ruptured aneurysm however it did frighten me for a while but they gave me an mri it was clear Please speak to your Dr and see what they say xxx
  21. Bev really pleased you are feeling better xxx
  22. Congratulations on 4 years xxx
  23. Welcome xxx I am 17 years out had my rupture at 23 my headaches were horrendous still are occasionally xxx Two things worked for me I used white tiger balm on temples and behind ears at the base of skull also got a Himalayan salt lamp I have it on whenever I am in the room with it (Mine is in bedroom keep it on all night) but you can have more than one so where ever your wife sits maybe you ought to put one xxx If she experiences any new or changed pain see a Dr to get checked hope things improve soon xxx
  24. Hi Sharon I have had a ruptured one clipped and an unruptured one 3 months later I didn't want a ticking time bomb however everyone is different xxx I was in a week with the unruptured one Good luck with whatever you decide to do xxx
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