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  1. Winnie one ā™„ year to the day since we found out you had gone so sad alot has happened in that time wish you were still here to chat too and make us smile when we are down sending your family all my love and prayers for them miss you xxx
  2. Hi Tracy welcome to btg xxx Things will improve but it takes time make sure you are drinking plenty of water and relaxing whenever you need to xxx
  3. Hi welcome to btg I was clipped so cannot really offer any advice on coiling hope it all goes ok xxx
  4. Had mine Tuesday couldn't lift my arm to high because of pain but could by about 3pm Wednesday only hurts when I lean on it now actually on the injection site. Now have headache cough and blocked nose but I have headache everyday since sah 18 years ago xxx
  5. They diagnosed them when I told them exactly what I was feeling and when I was feeling it so some of my symptoms would have been the same as vascular migraines xxx
  6. Hi I have had headaches for 18 years they are saying now that they are vascular migraines I hope they find something to help you soon
  7. Congratulations that's brilliant news xxx
  8. Congratulations šŸŽ‰ on your 6 year anniversary šŸ‘ ā¤
  9. SM congratulations šŸ‘ šŸ’“ šŸ’– on your 17th anniversary ā¤ xxx
  10. See a ent as vertigo and ear problems can cause those symptoms xxx Hope you feel better soon xxx
  11. Hi my mom really panicked because I told her there was a mirror there wasn't in hers and there wasn't in my last one I dont know why or where it was but it panicked me a bit so don't expect one but I did still have the button to press if I needed to come out xxx Close your eyes and think of a time you were really happy and just let your mind go there it didn't take long xxx
  12. I have had a mri last August and had a thing over my face with loads of holes in just so you don't move i hate scanners but I went in closed my eyes and breathed I am claustrophobic but I managed ok xxx Hope it goes well xxx
  13. Hi selah yes it could of stopped bleeding on it's own and if that has happened in a unlikely that it will bleeding again but write this down and ask at your appointment and anything else you think of write down and just ask xxx
  14. Suzanne congratulations on your 1st anniversary hope you have many more xxx
  15. Congratulations on your 4th anniversary xxx Hope you have many more xxx
  16. Thanks everyone can't believe how long it has been xxx My eldest actually came to tesco today to have lunch with me and bought me some sweets for afternoon shift bless him xxx
  17. Good morning all hope that you are well and have a great day xxx Well it's my 18 year anniversary today and what an 18 years it has been xxx I was nearly 5 years in when I found behindthegray and I will always be glad that I did I have found some lifelong friends here and no matter how down I am feeling you are always here xxx I still have problems brain zaps lightheadedness heart palpitations but it's a part of who I am now but the good things I now have outweigh the bad my two boys 17 next month 13 this month my job being able to go on holidays now I can
  18. Macca congratulations on ten years xxx
  19. Congratulations on your anniversary xxx So glad you have been and shared it with us it was lovely to hear from you xxx Stay strong and keep fighting xxx
  20. Hi Ann sorry you had another bleed hope you have a speedy recovery xxx
  21. You need to check with your Dr still though just to be sure xxx That family photo I had both children after my sah the one is now 16 the other 12 so you can still live a normal life xxx
  22. I still get a feeling in my head like it's full a balloon or something being blown up 18 years later but check with your dr dont worry and drink plenty of water and rest xxx
  23. Congratulations on your 6 year anniversary xxx
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