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  1. Hi there welcome to the group Davie xxx Try not to worry as at least they know something has changed xxx I couldn't read for years after the bleed i couldn't remember what I was reading but I can again now xxx Speak to your drs and ask them what the letter means what is going to be done and when it will be xxx Hope everything goes well xxx
  2. Goodluck 🀞I am sure everything will be fine xxx Hope you have a speedy recovery πŸ™β€
  3. jess

    New Partner

    Hope things work out well for you both xxx
  4. I used to worry terribly but 19 years later two kids since we holiday every year I have just gone from two and a half days a week at work to six (because of kids not sah) bit I was petrified of going anywhere but since me and my husband split I do it all xxx Life is for living try not to worry and speak to your dr xxx
  5. Hi Brenda sorry John has had another stroke but glad you have come back for support and to update us Hope things improve for you both xxx
  6. Recovery after planned op was fast I was pregnant within two weeks and running for buses lol you will be fine try not to worry xxx
  7. So sorry you have to have another operation but I am sure you will be fine its on the 19th anniversary of my op to clip my ruptured aneurysm xxx Try not to worry they called the clipping of my second aneurysm routine relax whilst recovering and don't do to much drink plenty of water xxx Good luck you will be fine xxx
  8. Hi there, I get numbness all the time in my face arms and legs, it's been 19 years for me. Lots of things can cause it. I have nerve damage from where he had to remove part of my skull to operate but I also have other medical issues that can cause those symptoms. Try not to worry and speak to your Dr find out what's causing it for you. Hope it eases soon.
  9. Hi there I would say the symptoms are all to do with anxiety and stress you have had lots of tests and have all been negative Please don't be offended but all your symptoms I have had since my sah and its due to the fear and anxiety of having another one and with your granddad having one it would make that fear worse in you My blood was showing after a couple of years from a leak as when I had the major bleed the surgeon could see it on the scan I got numbness daily it was caused by anxiety my blood pressure would go up mine is normally around 100/90 sometimes lower sometimes a bit higher that can cause dizziness and heart to race which could then cause all those other symptoms Try to remain calm drink cold water sipping it breath in through the nose and out through the mouth slowly and tell yourself you are going to be fine so sorry you are having these symptoms hope they ease soon
  10. Congratulations on 7 years xxx
  11. Hi that's the reason I took it for a couple of weeks as it was just to see if it worked to help diagnose me hope things improve for you soon xxx
  12. Hi I would love to be able to tell you what medication is and isn't safe and works best however it would be really dangerous to try as I am advised not to take ibuprofen but others do different drugs interact with others in ways that can be really harmful They wanted me to take prednisone but I was advised against it so am in agony but you have been prescribed it so I really would go and see you dr and speak to them as I wouldn't want to give out this kind of advice and be responsible for naking a person really ill Hope you find something and the pain eases soon xxx
  13. Hi now I have had vertigo everyday since my sah so almost 19 years ago and it felt just like I did the day I collapsed with my bleed Causes everything change of westher, not drank enough fluids, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep absolutely anything can cause it with me but 2002 was the only time it was stroke so try not to worry. Go to drs get another scan/appointment with neurologist but don't panic Hope it passes soon xxx
  14. Winnie one β™₯ year to the day since we found out you had gone so sad alot has happened in that time wish you were still here to chat too and make us smile when we are down sending your family all my love and prayers for them miss you xxx
  15. Hi Tracy welcome to btg xxx Things will improve but it takes time make sure you are drinking plenty of water and relaxing whenever you need to xxx
  16. Hi welcome to btg I was clipped so cannot really offer any advice on coiling hope it all goes ok xxx
  17. Had mine Tuesday couldn't lift my arm to high because of pain but could by about 3pm Wednesday only hurts when I lean on it now actually on the injection site. Now have headache cough and blocked nose but I have headache everyday since sah 18 years ago xxx
  18. They diagnosed them when I told them exactly what I was feeling and when I was feeling it so some of my symptoms would have been the same as vascular migraines xxx
  19. Hi I have had headaches for 18 years they are saying now that they are vascular migraines I hope they find something to help you soon
  20. Congratulations that's brilliant news xxx
  21. Congratulations πŸŽ‰ on your 6 year anniversary πŸ‘ ❀
  22. SM congratulations πŸ‘ πŸ’“ πŸ’– on your 17th anniversary ❀ xxx
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