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How much has Gone?


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Hi this is a stupid question, But how much of my Brain died after my TIA? ive been told the size of a sugar cube by the Dr, Is this right?

The Bit that Died didnt do anything Important i take it, as everything still works, other than i keep forgeting things, where i left things what was i doing them sort of things.

Also is it just the Right side that was effected? and how come it effected my left hand side? its all very tricky to understand. The Hospital didnt really explain alot to me, other than i had had a TIA which they then called a Mini Stroke, Yet the Nurse who came out to me last week said ..Oh youve only had a very small one Im sure you ok now..... which made me feel even more stupid about all the tears etc.

Im going to see local GP this afternoon so i will try to ask her but as she and the surgery has no Stroke suport group there I might be up against it a bit.

Still heres hoping ive lost a bit more weight.

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Hi Andi,

No stupid questions here, ask away.

As I understand it, a TIA as opposed to a full stroke does no harm or permanent damage to the brain. The first word of the acronym gives it away - transient, meaning fleeting or temporary. I have made a full recovery from my own TIA which happened about 5 months ago. If you still have issues, then I would definitely get checked out by the doc. Even if the physical symptoms such as limb weakness have gone or are improving, it can leave you with anxiety or emotional problems. That's where talking to others helps a great deal in overcoming your anxiety.

I'm sure that many people on here can empathise with the memory problems, me included ... sorry, what was I talking about? :roll: Most of us have had SAH (a type of stroke), which almost always causes some kind of brain damage and subsequent problems with brain and body function, anxiety and emotional issues, so you are not alone. I suppose I'm lucky that I have not really been affected emotionally, although I did suffer from a bit of anxiety following both my brain haemorrhage and my TIA, probably more than I like to admit!

Having had a TIA, it's advisable to keep the risks of having a full stroke to a minimum: stopping smoking, healthy diet, losing weight, exercise, etc. I know some of those things can be hard, believe me, I do. I don't exactly practice what I preach ... not that I'm preaching of course ;)

As I said, mention everything to the doc and don't hold anything back.

Keep talking.

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Andi, I'm pretty sure the doc was right when he told you about how much brain died, but the nurse who said you only had a 'little' stroke should try it herself, her assertion could not be accurate, because she isn't you! Every one varies but the important thing to remember is that although the brain cells which died will not recover, any function that was their responsibilty can be learned by other cells. You may hear about or read about 'the plasticity' of the brain. This is what it means it can and will learn tasks new to it, I have a super OT who is helping me to retrain the grey cells I have left;-) They are slow, but I suppose when I was a baby I too was slow, if you think about how slowly human babies develop;-) Keep asking and you will keep learning. It's a shame there isn't a handbook we could borrow!

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Cheers you two for that, And there was me thinking Keith was a man of the cloth ;)

Been to the Drs and She was really good and answered all the quick fire questions i were asking LOL

Blood Pressure was great as well.

As for the Neddle to the Heart, she seems to think that they will do a scan first useing ultra sound, I will only know once ive been back to Hospital.

Fingers Crossed, I would rather have Jelly smeared over me than have a Big Fat Needle stuck in me for sure.

Oh and ive lost a few more pounds ...Must be more careful with my Walet.

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hi andi, it's unreal what some people come out with, it may have been a mini stroke on a medics scale but to you it is something very big and will of course effect you and your life, i understand about the anxiety, we all no things can happen to us but when it actually does it is a different matter, as i've been advised confidence and time will be the healers esaier said than done sometimes during these early stages but talking with people on here has helped me a great deal already, weve all been or are going through very similar things so that makes it easier for us x

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Hi Andi as you may or may not remember i mentioned to you the other day that i'm a carer but even for me i think when something happens like what has happened to you, it such a massive thing in your life that it takes over, you do have all these questions and if you don't know the answers then nothing is silly know how you feel though cause everytime i post a question i feel they are silly questions but i guess we are looking for reassurance and is'nt that what everyone wants. Good luck mate Rod

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