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Hi, I had my fall almost 4 weeks ago.  I am told that I shouldn't go to work until at least 9/1.   I have used all my vacation to be able to keep getting a paycheck but that is about to run out.    I don't know what to do.  I'm scared to go back, yet we can't afford me missing any more work.  Is there any disability type help available?    I work in a vet clinic as a tech, and I know if I go back I'll over do it.  My next scan is 9/14.  Any suggestions for me???  Thank you~

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Good morning,


First, let me say I am not an expert in the area of disability.  Whenever I had my SAH, I was working for a government agency and had sufficient sick leave and vacation time accumulated to cover the time I was off work. 


Do you have disability insurance through your work or privately?  If not, I believe the only other option is Social Security disability, which I understand is a long and complicated process.  Various people I know have resorted to using agents to submit claims and advocate for them as approval can be difficult to attain.


I do hope you are feeling better at this time and that your scan showed healing. 


Being a vet tech is surely physically demanding at times, with lots of stooping and bending and lifting (I have several pets and am in my vet's office often).  As stated, fully healing from an SAH is a long process.  Questions are best addressed by your neurologist.


Best wishes,  Colleen

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