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11 years Post PMSAH

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I am 11 yrs post PMSAH (nearly to the day) and I wanted to share my story - primarily because this site brought me the only comfort I could find in the weeks and months  following my hemorrhage, and I hope it may help others. 


At the age of 49 and preparing for work one morning I had the typical 'thunderclap' headache followed by extreme pain in my head, stiff neck, very high BP, and severe nausea.


Thankfully, my sister was home & called EMS who promptly took me to hospital where a CT scan diagnosed a brain bleed. Due to the size of the bleed, the surgeon believed I had an aneurysm which they planned to coil.


A hole was drilled in my head during surgery to alleviate swelling and an aneurysm was not found. I was told a blood vessel burst - hence the large bleed.  The drain remained for 5 days followed by a second angiogram. In sum, I was remained in neuro ICU for 10 days. 


I had a fairly uncomplicated recovery (though lost 20+ lbs in the aftermath) and was back to work in 90 days. I know how incredibly lucky I was.


My headaches persisted for 2 years post-bleed, and I had two angiograms during that time (for persistent pain) as well as a lumbar puncture 2 mos post bleed which indicated a high RBC count remained in the CSF (hence the ongoing pain). 


Friends and family were supportive, but this site was my savior. The stories, questions, and information helped me feel not-so-alone. I will be forever grateful for this community. 


Though I had a rough year emotionally post-recovery, I am happy to report two+ years following my 'event' I realized my dream of running a half marathon, at the end of which I broke down in tears of gratitude, as everything I did following my bleed (flying, working out, etc) had me a nervous wreck. 


The fear of another bleed has never entirely left me (I was told by doctors there was no explanation for the cause of the bleed), but as time went on, I have become less fearful. 

In a nutshell, I would like to (belatedly) say thank you to this community, and to wish all of you blessings and as quick a recovery as is possible. 


All my best,



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Hi Suzanne,,


How wonderful you are doing...congrats on 11 years and also on your marathon dream.  I totally agree with you about this site bringing comfort it has been for me also.  

Be well and enjoy your running :)



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