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  1. Hi Cindy, Good luck seeing your work friends...it did me good to see my work friends after...I hear you when you say you are nervous and about looking ok on the outside. Work is a big decision, if possible give yourself the time you need. Your doing it...one step at a time... xx Jean
  2. Oh yes it does all take time to deal with it all.. I woke up every morning saying to myself "I had a stroke"....I knew it but somehow it didn't seem possible... Time .... and it seemed to pass so slowly those early days but it picked up to normal as time went on... wish I could give you a hug... xx Jean
  3. I remember feeling very mixed up about a lot of everyday things...when in rehab I spent an afternoon trying to figure out how to use my cell phone...I was terrified of the speech therapist as I knew she could see how mixed up I was....when I came home I would leave ingredients out of dishes I had made a thousand times...I couldn't keep more than 2 things in my head for a while...The brain takes time to heal, it takes its own time...different for all depending on what happened...2000 more steps today...that is good progress...it is just that we can't count steps for the brain... 3 1
  4. Hello and welcome to BTG... I am so sorry to read all you have been through...You are doing well to have located this site so quickly...Sorry to read your headaches are increasing...We are all trying to help and encourage each other so you indeed have found friends I know it can be difficult to get through all this, having experienced a SAH myself, 3 years ago, and no cause was found... it is frustrating... Let us know how you are doing... xx Jean
  5. I have read all these posts .... Casey doctors being uncomfortable is unacceptable, I hope you have found better you deserve better. I remember my grammies words "a friend in need is a friend in deed"....I get it life is scary and some people cope better than others but....Making a friend, a real friend takes some work it takes some nurturing so I think for the friends that have made a choice to back off, drift away perhaps they weren't the friends we had thought they were...and I love Daffodil's words "new friends appear when you least expect it". For the friends that stayed,
  6. Hi I am 3 years out from my event. I had a lot of worry about my job right after my SAH....I kept telling everyone that I wanted to get back to work....It really doesn't seem to make sense to me now why I was so intense about it. I did go back to work and worked 3 more years and recently retired. Looking back at it I think I used a lot of mental energy, and some physical trying to keep everything in order...It was exhausting. I have found time to be the biggest healer for me...it hasn't been very long since your event, I know you probably feel like it has been, I und
  7. Hi Jess, Congratulations on 18 years...I hope you enjoyed your day with your family. Thank you for being part of this great group which gives hope and inspiration to so many at a time when it is so appreciated... xx Jean
  8. Hi Macca, I send you my very best congratulations on 10 years since your event. Also Happy anniversary to you and your love...Happy to read you had a wonderful Italian meal out to celebrate. You have an incredible way of giving support on this forum and you share generously. I am so appreciative of your time and wisdom. I so agree with you that this group is a push and pull thing...helping each other. Be well xx Jean
  9. Daffodil, I wish I had done a diary..I think it would have given me better visualization of my progress.. Jean
  10. Macca... your words are so inspiring "sudden change foisted upon you, in a surprise attack that damaged you, but didn't finish you off... Carolyn amazing words from Macca, I am 3 years 4 months from my SAH and Vasospasm. What I wrote above from Macca is exactly how I felt, i was surprised (shocked) but it didn't finish me off. Carolyn you are still in the early days of this, I know you know that. I had no patience for the slow movement of my recovery and pushed hard to do some things that made me feel in control. I had this visual in my head thinking I wanted to
  11. Congratulations Andrea on 5 years...I can imagine the feeling of seeing yourself in a hospital bed 5 years ago...I send you my best wishes for another 5 and many more healthy and happy years...Be well.. xx Jean
  12. Hi Vicky, I am also so happy you found this site, it proved to be very helpful for me. Vicky I am so very sorry what happened to you, you are smart seeking counseling. Vicky I had my SAH 3 years ago which was followed by severe vasospasm...I had returned home from my SAH and a day later my vasospasm episode occurred...when it did I was alone, I was able to call for help on the phone but then remember nothing...things were scattered about my house and my family told me about what I was saying and doing at the hospital (all of which I remember nothing)...it was very h
  13. Hi Pat, Your post was very interesting to me as I also sought out mental health care feeling like I had PTSD...In rehab I was interviewed by a psychologist at length...I was so far from understanding my mental stress about what had happened, as I was overwhelmed about my physical problems. I guess I passed, as I never heard another word about any sort of mental health therapy. It was literally probably a year or so before I began to understand that it is not normal to lie in bed at night and feel like I was back in the ICU...but anyway I did get therapy and it helped,
  14. Hi Kyle, Welcome to BTG...so happpy you found this site...I felt so thankful to find them after my own SAH and vasospasm...You sound like you are making good progress, you are still in the early days of recovery...I know this is unlike any other illness I have had, thinking that when you have some good days you are getting past it...I have found it to be slow...steady, but slow... Sometimes I see the best progress when I look back...I too had a small SAH and a severe vasospasm. The vasospasm was the worst of my event, sending me back to the hospital, intensive care and rehab.
  15. Hi Rebekah, I am so sorry to read about your mom...you are such a good daughter trying to reach out and understand what has happened...This is a wonderful support site. I too had a SAH and it is so scary, my daughter and sons didn't know what it was and it was just waiting and praying for them. As I improved and they were able to communicate with the doctors they understood it better. My heartfelt prayers are with you and your mom.... xx Jean
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