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  1. Daffodil, that is wonderful you are a trainer of mindfulness.. I think the most wonderful thing about it is it gives me (or anyone) the ability to quiet and calm ourselves...my younger son is a mental health therapist and he is taking additional training to offer this to his clients as he sees it as very helpful...
  2. Hi Gam, I have some buzzing in my left ear, hearing was impaired at first but that came back...buzzing is tolerable for me, I am thankful...I am on board with Daff's words about mindfulness and breathing...I was not, haha, really not at all but did seek out a therapist who practiced with me and now I realize there is help within myself...I just sit quiet, no TV, and breath slow taking myself to something calming, enjoyable what your special place or thing is... I realize this is not everyone's thing..My daughter likes to color, seems like a big no to me but she loves it,
  3. Hi Saleh, We are here for you.... xx Jean
  4. Hi Seleh, So happy you found us...This is a wonderful resource, wonderful people trying to help others who have had bleeds. You are so on top of this already reaching out and working to understand everything. The advice above is wonderful...resting, hydrating and taking it easy...your brain needs time. This is not like any other injury or sickness, your brain is your computer, taking in and trying to make sense of it all. I personally still have head pains on occasion, it scared me at first also. I am not fearful of it now and just take it as part of my
  5. Hi Deborah, Welcome to BTG...Happy you were able to locate this site, took me a bit.. Like you I had a small bleed, no aneurysm found but I did end up with a severe vasospasm... I am happy you didn't have that as well... The mental shock of having a brain bleed...basically, I keep thinking I have bleeding in my brain took me time to absorb , I felt like I really couldn't believe it. It all took me time to wrap my head around that it had happened and then more time to realize I needed to be patient and let this heal... Coming home and trying to get back to normal fe
  6. Sarah my goodness that is a lot to keep track of...Thinking of you and hoping you can squeek out some peace during Christmas.. xx Jean
  7. Suzanne, I too send you congratulations on your first anniversary...this is a big deal as Super said look on it as a celebration and you are here to tell the tale....exactly true...I have found I am better each year...you are doing it congrats xx Jean
  8. Sarah, you had quite a day...happy you can now relax for Christmas... Jean
  9. Hi Carolyn, The thing I found different to deal with was that this is unlike any sickness or injury I had ever experienced....I couldn't gage my improvements as they didn't seem to go in a straight line...I found looking back, say over several months and then a year, was my best gage. Carolyn, I also had to start looking at where I was presently as opposed to looking back to where I was before the event. I didn't like doing it and resisted..Today, will be 4 years in the spring, I still hit a wall on occasion but I know it is coming. I know when I have gone beyond. I pace
  10. Hi, Congratulation on your one year since your event....I am half way through my third, the first is big...I have found it to keep getting better....feeling more like myself...My best wishes to you.. Daffodil...love your STOP....I went to a therapist who worked with me on stopping and breathing and also visualizing...it was and continues to be so useful to me...helps me feel grounded... Jean
  11. Hello Compostc, Welcome to BTG...I am so happy you have found us. This is a wonderful group of folks, very happy to share and support everyone here. I had my SAH at 64 years old, I also had a severe vasospasm following. That was 3 1/2 years ago, and I am here and still feel like I am improving. I urge you to look through the site and read others stories, so many I have found inspirational and heart warming. I too felt like once I was all released from medical care, that I should just go on and act like all was back to normal. I needed more s
  12. Congratulation on four years...your journey sounds like you have made very good progress...Wonderful you were able to tweak your career to fit your needs. I agree with you in seeing this site as a kind hearted community. I felt like they threw me a life line I wish you a wonderful year ahead. Thank you for posting I find the updates so inspiring. xx Jean
  13. Hi Cindy, Good luck seeing your work friends...it did me good to see my work friends after...I hear you when you say you are nervous and about looking ok on the outside. Work is a big decision, if possible give yourself the time you need. Your doing it...one step at a time... xx Jean
  14. Oh yes it does all take time to deal with it all.. I woke up every morning saying to myself "I had a stroke"....I knew it but somehow it didn't seem possible... Time .... and it seemed to pass so slowly those early days but it picked up to normal as time went on... wish I could give you a hug... xx Jean
  15. I remember feeling very mixed up about a lot of everyday things...when in rehab I spent an afternoon trying to figure out how to use my cell phone...I was terrified of the speech therapist as I knew she could see how mixed up I was....when I came home I would leave ingredients out of dishes I had made a thousand times...I couldn't keep more than 2 things in my head for a while...The brain takes time to heal, it takes its own time...different for all depending on what happened...2000 more steps today...that is good progress...it is just that we can't count steps for the brain... 3 1
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