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  1. Thank you for your insight and congratulations on nine years. I also wish your week goes well... Best wishes, Jean
  2. Swishy

    Feeling down

    Hi Ian, So very sorry you are having troubles. I have found my recovery not to be a straight line forward. I often think wow I have had a great couple of days or even a week (not usually so long) and then I go a bit over board and my brain sets me straight with a foggy headache and exhaustion. The whole depression thing I think is sadly almost expected with such an injury to our brains. Here in the US they had me have a psych Dr. check me out in rehab as they said PTSD is so common after a SAH. I hope you have success with getting some financial help it is another stressor you don't need. I wish you well and I hope you can see by all the warm responses that we care..Best wishes Jean
  3. Swishy

    Ann - New Member

    Hi Ann, Welcome to BTG...Yes you have come to the place where there is a group that understands. So sorry for your troubles, hope you are continuing to feel better. I can't speak for your home state of Nevada, I am in massachusetts, but in my state we are a self reporting state. They did tell me if they felt you were left with a severe impairment they would report it. I was not considered to be a reportable case and upon searching further with my neuro was told I could drive.. Lots of great folks here willing to help and share jean
  4. Swishy

    One year anniversary

    Congratulations to you both on your 1st...Enjoy your trip and anniversary.. Wishes for many many more happy healthy years.
  5. After my SAH followed by Vasospasm I did have a psycological exam in rehab. Truth I said what I thought he wanted to hear pretty much thinking I didn't want to say anything that would extend my rehab stay. I can say I didn't even really think about my emotional state for months after my event I kept saying I just want my life back. I reached back to the hospital and rehab I had been in with no help. They said their support groups were for people right after their stroke or for people not like me, but people who had more severe physical issues. So I continued searching until I came across this group. Now I live in the Boston area USA. I was treated at one of the best neuro hospitals in the USA.... I am pretty sure I have some PTSD...I am fearful of being out of reach of the hospital that treated me. I have done it, taken a couple of trips but I worry quite a bit about it and have dreams about it...I thought after the first trip it would lessen...it did not... I think I could have benefited from a support group if one existed...I am struggling along, making progress but always feeling, I will never be quite the same.
  6. Hi Simon, Welcome to site...I can say it no better than Patc said it "This is a safe place, where no question is too dumb, or feeling too silly" I am coming up up on 18 months since my SAH followed by vasospasm... This type of event seems to change everything...but I am finding (ever so slowly) that there may be a new sense of normal. I haven't gotten there yet but I do see it and feel it on occasion. This group has been my go to place...reminding me I am not alone...My family is awesome but they only understand so much, and I couldn't ask for more. Wishing everyday is a better day for you....and all of us.. Jean
  7. Swishy

    8 years for me today!

    Hi Macca, Congratulations on 8 years...I wish you many many more...Your words have helped many and I am but one of them. This site has been healing for me. As I reached out to try and find a group, a person, who understood...I found this site, across the pond from me in America. I am so happy for you and your continued good health...and I will also thank you for taking time to help others along the journey. Jean
  8. Swishy


    Yes me too Anne...when I turn my head quickly I get a wavy feeling...perhaps you could say dizzy...I like my husband to walk in front of me instead of behind (which is where he would like to be so he can keep eye on me). as I resist turning to look at him to say something because of this feeling. I am 17 months out from a SAH and vasospasm. I do continue to see improvement, perhaps some physical and some from me learning what my body will now tolerate. I am fortunate that when I am seated the moving motion feeling stops. I totally agree with you feeling not so alone after finding BTG...I think in many ways the folks here have been a big part of my healing.. Jean
  9. Swishy

    Kay - new member

    Babies bring such joy...Congratulations...
  10. Thanks Macca, As always you seem to have a way with explaining all this. I think one problem for me personally is sometimes I hesitate as I am not sure, am I explaining or complaining. I have on more than one occasion said to myself, I am not going to talk anymore about it, about how I feel, about how I am exhausted and need to stop for a while, about how I feel swishy especially when tired. I am learning, oh so slowly, that those people who love me want to understand. I am still working on co-workers. Thanks for you insight Jean
  11. Hi Trish My foggy head lessened with less meds and I continue to attempt to be med free. If not for headaches I would be. Stress is not good for us, not good for anyone. Working is difficult for me also as my job can be stressful. I work 3 shifts a week and plan not to take on more. This is all tough Trish...it is good to get support through this group..thank you for your support.. Jean
  12. Hi, I like Krislwal had my NASAH May of 2017 which was followed by vasospasm 4 days later. I never had a headache issue prior to this. I did not have a clip, coil or shunt. I had an angiogram that put verapamil into the vessels, it was helpful. My current headache situation is good as I am on Amitriptyline 20mg at bedtime. I would like very much to come off as I have glaucoma and it is a drug best not taken by me for that reason. I came off once, slowly, and slowly the headaches came back badly, making me miss work. I am going to attempt this again soon, with my MD's follow up, hoping she can guide me to a better result. To all suffering with headaches, you have my empathy, they are miserable.
  13. Hi Joe, So happy you found all of us...I felt almost an immediate relief to be communicating with people who get it when I first found this site...I, like you, had and still have problems with equilibrium...I do think physical therapy helped me as my PT knew exactly what I was talking about and what would help...not make disappear for me, but help...I had a hearing loss in one ear that improved with time .. I am so sorry you went without knowing what was going on with you...I agree with Kay in saying the doctors involved should know our short term memory often is not working right after a SAH...I can read all my hospital records on line and they say I agreed to this and that and they explained this and that....I do not remember any of it... As you have read here people make recoveries that surprise their doctors, sometimes, but it takes time...time that seems to pass ever so slowly when you want to feel like yourself again..Sometimes the old self you want to feel like is a somewhat different self....but time will help show you the way... I hope you read what others write as it is inspirational and fills me often with warmth and hope.. Take care Joe, Jean
  14. Swishy

    My Sister by Clare

    Hi Clare, I am so sorry to hear about your sisters problems since her SAH...I can understand how difficult it is for her husband to understand. I only understand it myself, even having suffered it, after much time and reading, most thanks to this site. It left me feeling a bit detached I guess, my body just felt so foreign to me it was a strange effort to do anything. I too watched a lot of TV. It didn't require anything of me and when I sit still I don't feel the difference in my body that is now my life. Your sister is so very fortunate to have you, you who is trying to understand what has happened. Time is key here, it takes time, time that is measured in months and perhaps years. I am finding 16 months out my way back to myself. I am learning to live in this body that still doesn't feel "normal" but it does feel and it is a new "normal"... Your being with your sister helps her...make sure you take care of yourself, letting you be your best self.. I wish you both all my best Jean
  15. Swishy

    1 year today!

    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary...it is a milestone...1 year and going strong..wonderful Jean