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  1. Hello and another welcome to BTG....so many of us here, each with a unique story. I am sorry to read about what happened to you. It is such a shock to have such an experience, my own SAH began with a thunderclap headache out of nowhere. I also had a vasospasm 3 days later which took a big toll on me. My SAH happened 2 years 8 months ago. I still feel I am improving. My event happened when I was 64 . Lots of great people here....glad you found us.. Jean
  2. Hi Sallios, Very good thoughts from all those writing before me...To repeat Macca 6 months is still very early... I think what happened to me was thinking some how this brain injury was going to be like a bad flu....in other words felt horrid but with in a few weeks maybe a month I would be back in the pink...but our brains heal and reroute and it takes time as many here will tell you. I often see that I am still healing when I think back to last Christmas or last summer and realize that hey I was better this year...I will hit my 3 year mark end of April...and yes I continue to improve and I in my 60's so perhaps it is even slower for me (I don't know)... Try and have faith that time will make a difference in two different ways...your brain is working to regain and restore everything it can and time also helps accept the things that become part of the new us... I still have a constant feeling of walking on a boat...my hands don't work well with each other making me drop things .... but my head is clearer.... and I now anticipate dropping things with my right hand choosing my left hand more often. Have faith realize those who move things out of our way are trying to recover as much as we are....There lives were turned upside down just as ours were... I did go for some counseling and it was helpful working on breathing through stress and positive thinking....I slip, haha trust me I slip but I am still improving as I said...We are survivors and some days those words feel empty, I know, but each day is a gift...and again we are survivors... My best wishes for better days, Jean
  3. Hi Budd, So glad you found this site...it is so helpful to actually communicate with people who know what we are talking about... I also get twinges of pain in my head (not terrible) pains I did not have before my SAH...I like you had no aneurysm, no cause found...also had a vasospasm which I thought was another SAH until I had a clearer head and could understand what had happened.... I am 2 years 8 months out.... I think I have less random head pains but I still have them...I am of course aware of them but they really have stopped causing me worry...Time is a huge factor here... My best wishes for your continued recovery.. Jean
  4. Hi Mandie I too have suffered with some depression...about 2 years out...I am 2 years 8 months out at this point and feeling better (not perfect but better) after finding a therapist....It made a big difference for me..As Skippy said you have done the hardest part surviving... Just as you would call the doctor for any ailment...pick up the phone and do it...it was hard for me to admit it as I was in deep into a fighting to keep myself above water but ... I needed to ... I wish you well.. xxJean
  5. Hi Liz, Thank you for your thoughts on what I wrote....I had my vasospasm 3 days after my original SAH which was small....I had been sent home from the hospital (MASS General) after 3 nights with no mention of Vasospasm but told if I got a bad headache to return.... Headache was an understatement to what happened to me...I was in the shower and felt pain creeping up the back of my head (I was alone) then my hands and feet didn't feel right when I rubbed them together....I jumped out of the shower and was able to throw on a nightgown, call 911 and open my front door.. I don't remember anything for about 10 hours...they went into my groin (much like a cardiac cath and up into my head) they put verapamil 30 mg into 3 spots trying to stop the vasospasm which they rated as severe... I don't remember much for several days but slowly I recovered...a week in ICU and 2 weeks in rehab...I have some mild cognitive problems and loss of core strength causing balance issues especially when I am tired............ They do not know what caused my SAH...they searched...they said cause unknown...I continue to get better or perhaps I am getting use to how I feel (swishy)....I am older than you Liz,I was 64 when this happened to me.. I am so sorry this happened to you at your age and raising children...it must be so very difficult.... I will tell you that even after 2 years 8 months I feel I continue to improve (so slowly, I only notice when I look back)...I have done some therapy working on breathing to try and keep moving when I really want to stop what I am doing... I work on trying not to rush (I always did) I try to be patient with myself, and I remind myself if it doesn't get done today it will get done eventually haha I use to say tomorrow.... Please let us know how you are doing...so many of us here....xx Jean
  6. My SAH was 2 years 8 months ago...I also had severe vasospasm 3 days later...I was followed for 1 year and then asked if I felt like I needed to see them again....I was trying my best to be the best I could and said no I am good...I do regret it...would have liked to be seen again...oh yes was only given an MRI on my way home from the hospital after rehab...I am in the USA so perhaps our methods of follow up are different...
  7. Hello Sunflower. Again welcome to BTG, so glad you found us. As Catwoman said there are so very many posts you will find that may be helpful to you. I am so very sorry to read all that you have been through. I can only imagine how difficult this all is with two small children. Call on all your resources to help you with your children, I know I have had many people say to me let me know if I can help, if you have this too, let them know. Often people want to help but don't know how. I had my SAH followed by vasospasm 21/2 years ago. I was 64 years old, in a much different time of life than you. What I have learned in this time since this happened to me is that it is a slow process, slower than any type of illness of injury I have experienced in my life. I also am seeing that things seem to continue to improve, so what I mean is I still see change even after 2 years. This is encouraging to me. I also see some things that I am still learning to work around or cope with. Everyone's experience is so different, your doctors will be your best to resource for specifics to you. The support on this site is wonderful, don't know what I would have done without it. Day by day Sunflower, be gentle with yourself listen to your body, stay hydrated, it really makes a difference. Thinking of you xx Jean
  8. Hi Macca...your words are very powerful...I am seeking "grateful"...some days I see it and others I don't seem to be able to find it anywhere...but still I am looking for it ...thank you for your inspirational words...they are so helpful.. Jean
  9. Hi Chris..Congratulations on 4 years...love that you are posting you are getting better all the time...so encouraging for me and I am sure many others that we do continue improve ... My best wishes for many years of good health. Jean
  10. Hi Charming, After my SAH followed by Vasospasm I was told "go live your life...Now I realize that being 64 probably already was putting limitations on it but like you I was left wondering. After my stroke I had a trip booked and paid for 4 months out to South America, the Neuro said have a good trip...I went and I did...very cautiously such as I wanted to walk up the side of a mountain path in SA but I rode up instead worrying that it would be too much... I love to snorkel, and I do but am a bit worrisome doing it (I guess I don't enjoy it as freely as I did before) but i do it perhaps cutting my time.. No doctor gave me limitations...I think I had hoped for guide lines, didn't get that either... Two and a half years out I still am making choices as to what I feel ok doing.. I would not do anything that risks injury to my head...haha pretty obvious I guess...everything else I do as I tolerated...sometimes struggling with something and then attempting it again perhaps after more rest. Depends on how important something is also... Very individual choices all depending on what limitations we feel we have... Time plays in here also...I have regained confidence as time has gone on... I wish you well in all your challenges . Jean
  11. Hi Zack, To repeat Casey, glad you found us. I am so sad reading your story when you are so young. Strokes don't ask people's ages before they strike. I had my SAH with a severe vasospasm. I have been left with sensory issues, balance issue and questioning myself daily...the last is probably the worst...recently (my stroke was 2 1/2 years ago) I have been working with a therapist working on using relaxation techniques...I am realizing i don't think I have been relaxed since this happened...always worrying about what is next, I am way older than you, in my 60's,),,how am I viewed by everyone...on and on...it does get better as time goes on but I am a bit different than before...that is ok...I survived.... Zack there are many many people here that have written about their story...check out the site and I hope you will find some peace here with us as we all navigate our lives. Jean
  12. Hi Sallios, I had terrible pain that seemed to settle at the bottom of my spine around week 3, it was attributed to the blood that was in my spinal fluid and I was told it would take a while for it to be reabsorbed...it was quite painful and perhaps two weeks later it was just gone...so I am hoping for you that it just goes away soon... Everything about this is so individual so please don't take my experience as possibly being your own...we all recover at our own rate...I also had a lot of stiffness and pain I think from being confined to bed and then only walking with the therapist, limiting my activity...once I was home and moving at my own will I began to have less stiffness and pain... My best wishes with your recovery. jean
  13. Hello and another welcome to BTG...My goodness you and your family have been through quite a lot. You certainly had a wonderful support group and wonderful medical health that helped you through all this. Reading that you are able to enjoy your retirement and relax...how wonderful, I know we have never met but I sit here in USA happy inside for you. "I thank God for my stroke"...I am very moved by this...as it let you see what wonderful support you have.... Your letter is very inspiring, thank you writing and I hope you continue to visit BTG...you have much to share . I feel like I am looking for the good that came from my stroke...sometimes I think I see it but it seems illusive and I am unable to hold on to it... I wish you and yours all the best health and joy in life.. Jean
  14. Hi Ami, Congratulation...wow that is amazing, I can only imagine how proud you must feel of yourself...You are doing it...keep going Jean xx
  15. Hi Von, I am so glad you found us. I am so sorry to read about what has been going on with you. Trust me I (well everyone here) understand your struggles. I personally had my SAH followed by Vasospasm when I was 64. I did not have any vision problems, it must be so difficult. But like you I had the "you seem fine" comments which was good in one way but not another. Sometimes I wish people could see that my balance is off and I don't like people walking quickly past me and I struggle in the kitchen , anyway I think you probably understand. I am 2 years 3 months out, it is a slow recovery, sometimes i could only see improvement when looking back. Having a stroke can steal our confidence, making us search it out and reclaim it. As I said it can be slow. I still feel not satisfied with the information I was given as to what happened to me. It seems a little less important to me as time goes on, but only a little. There are so many great people here that are so willing to share and listen...they are great...Has been a big help to me, knowing they know, they get it...Take care and try ( I know it is hard) to be patient with yourself.. xxJean
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