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  1. Hi Todd, Welcome to BTG...So sorry to hear about your PSAH. It is a game changer for most people I think. Keeping good contact with your doctor and a journal on how you are feeling is great advice from Casey. It can be stressful when you are put on the spot in an appointment to remember everything you wanted to discuss. The water and rest for sure help. 6 weeks is a very short time in terms of your brain healing. These events take time and patience with yourself. You sound like you are recovering very well. Best wishes as you progress and please check in and let us know how you are doing. Jean
  2. Swishy

    SAH, 14 years on.

    Thanks so much Macca, your words have been so inspirational to me....I can't even explain how much I appreciate it. Sincerely, Jean
  3. Swishy

    SAH, 14 years on.

    I too have struggled with feeling it is easier to just stay home. I think some of it has to do with the fact that when I am up and moving around I am a bit off balance (just doesn't feel like it use to feel) I am 18 months out from my SAH followed by Vasospasm. I must also say the more I encourage myself to do it the more comfortable I have become. Is it the same as before, no it is not. I am searching for my new normal, having accepted the old one has changed. I give myself permission to refuse certain things but I am a social person and know I won't be content spending too much time alone. It does get old trying to educate people about what happened to me. I don't spend much time trying unless the person is someone who is close to me or someone I will see frequently. I am the only one who really knows how I feel, and that is ok. I am better and happier than I was a year ago and looking to be my best self possible. Everyday is a challenge but I am up to it (mostly haha)... Jean
  4. Congrats Johntaras on 9 years. Your post gives those of us who are way earlier in our recovery hope. Working 3 days a week is awesome, never say only. You are doing it, you survived . Best wishes for 90 more. Best wishes Jean
  5. Swishy

    New Member: Rook

    Hi Rook, So happy your mom is home..she is defying the odds everyday...remember, stay greedy, she already surprised everybody. Nobody can say for sure when someone will stop making progress. She is so lucky to have such a wonderful caring and supportive daughter. I send you both good thoughts and prayers... xx Jean
  6. Swishy

    Ten Years Today

    Hi Coleen, Congrats on 10 year. That is a milestone for sure. I like what you said "keep on keeping on"... great words of inspiration. Be well and best wishes to you. Jean
  7. Swishy


    Hi Chris, Wow what great encouragement/information...I wish someone would have given me a piece of paper with those words on it when I left the hospital. I am also in the USA..Boston.. Thank you Jean
  8. Swishy


    Hi Shona, Welcome to BTG. I had a SAH with no cause found followed by severe vasospasm which put me into intensive care for a week. I was fortunate to be very close to a 1st class neuro center who took very good care of me. My event is different from you but I think the thing we all share here is worry, concern and even fear. I know when I came here I so much wanted to find that person who had exactly what I had. My event was 11/2 years ago, I haven't met that person, but, I had met through BTG people who share part of my story and people who understand the emotions these events leave us with. I like you struggle with unbalance, hence my name Swishy, as that is how I feel most always. I too have sensory loss on one side but am fortunate that my strength is good, not like before but good. So sorry you broke your arm, getting hit when your down is very hard. One day at a time, Shona, there are great people here, willing to support you as you move forward. It has helped me more than I can say. Take Care, Jean
  9. Swishy


    JoJo I am still wrapping my head around it as well. It doesn't seem to come all at once, and sometimes I think I have it and it gets away from me again. Trust me you are not alone, there are so many people here with so much inspiration and strength to share. You have found a friend Jean
  10. Swishy


    Hi Jo jo, Welcome to BTG...Sorry to hear of your terrible experience...happy to hear you seem to be getting on with your life. I had a SAH for which no cause was found...few days later had a vasospasm. I was in regular bed for 3 days went home then a week in intensive care. I think you are not alone in feeling like after discharge you were on your own. I too was given a 6 month appointment after my SAH, I couldn't believe it but ended up back in the ER in 2 days. My thing was I needed to understand this thing and understand what happened to me. I am able to read all my medical records on line and I ever so slowly read every test, every MRI scan result...But...I still needed something more I needed to talk to people who understood how I was feeling, understood the unseen symptoms I have. So I luckily found BTG, I hope you find this site as helpful as I do. I now am at 1!/2 years out and at my 1year appointment was discharged from my Neuro...was thinking he would bring me back at 2 years but was left with "call if you need us" well getting into Mass General Hospital in Boston without coming by ambulance is a long wait. So I am counting on my general doctor to keep eye on me. My best wishes as you continue to recover and please know you are doing a fabulous job recovering. The brain is slow to recover, be patient with yourself and ask others to be patient also. We are here for you, Jean
  11. Swishy

    2 years today

    Congrats on 2 years. Happy to read you are doing well and living your best life. We are all fortunate to be here to support each other. Wishing you as a happy healthy year 3 and beyond. xx Jean
  12. Win I love Jill Bolte Taylor's book...have read it twice (very slowly)...I too very much wanted to know what happened to me. The doctors here in Boston turned every test up side down and concluded they don't know what caused my SAH followed 5 days later with a severe RCVS...I had zero knowledge of any of this before and have worked to understand it all. I do understand that I am very lucky and I do understand that this site has helped me emotionally as I make sense of it all.. It is all slow, unlike any illness or accident before. I continue to learn and hope to be of some little bit of support for those coming in after me. Jean
  13. Swishy

    Comeback - Bill

    Bill, SAH maybe the most difficult thing many of will ever go through. We...I....you...can't do it alone. So glad your back. I am feeling so much better, emotionally and even physically since signing on here. I even told my Neuro about it, he wrote it down. There is strength in numbers my mom always told me..I believe it Jean
  14. Swishy

    Comeback - Bill

    Hi Bill...you are so right about recovery not being a straight line and taking a long time. We all have the particulars of our SAH but some how we have all come here..for support, understanding, hope and compassion...So welcome back...I hope you stay with us her on BTG.. Jean
  15. Swishy

    New here - Samantha

    Hi Samo, Welcome to the group. I am so very sorry about your bleed. You are early in your recovery, you have been through so much, and still working on getting better. This type of illness leaves you with a physical and emotional mountain. You can only trek it one step at a time. Your first step was huge, you survived...you are writing to us so your brain is working well and hard trying to heal itself. Your parenting skills are there but you need to heal first. There are many many folks here with wisdom way beyond me. I wish that everyday for you is a step further up the mountain of good health.. Take care, Jean