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  1. Many thoughts and prayers are with you today Ann. Hope each day finds you feeling better. xx Jean
  2. Thanks so much Tina...Always good to get a good report. xx Jean
  3. Welcome back to BTG...so many wonderful people here who are very generous with kindness and support. Jean
  4. Hi Tina, Thanks so much for the good wishes...I didn't wake up feeling great, had a tough night but after about the 24 hour mark I began to feel more like myself. My balance feels back to normal . I have never had this happen to me before so I was not expecting it. This is a surveillance test I have every 5 years or so because of a family history of colon cancer. I have never had any concern about having it. I guess everything changes. again thanks Tina. xx Jean
  5. Hi All, I had my SAH 4 years ago but for the first time since had a medical procedure that included being put to sleep with propafol (spelling may be wrong)...I tolerated it all well woke up quickly but have been wobbly (more than my usual swishy (feel like I am walking on a boat) self. It was noticed by the medical staff and my usual swish is not. As I said my first time having any type of anesthesia since my event...Is it typical to take a bit of time to get back to my old self. This was early this morning it is evening now so hoping to wake up tomorrow good as new and wiser the next time. thanks Jean
  6. Hello and welcome to BTG...so many wonderful helpful people here. I am glad you found us...You sound like you are making good recovery, be very gentle and kind to yourself. The brain takes time to heal. Being with your mom is wonderful we are all here supporting each other as we have all recovered .... I too am from the east coast of the USA but here we are with our support group from across the pond...Love them. xx Jean
  7. Dawny I am so happy your surgery is over and you are recovering. It is very interesting and amazing what brilliant surgeons are able to do. Be well... xx Jean
  8. Hi Sue, I too welcome you. So very sorry to read about your accident. This is such a wonderful supportive group. It is so difficult waiting for our bodies to recover. As Tina said "be kind to yourself"... I wish you well as you recover and also well wishes to your husband, you both have through a lot. Jean
  9. Puppies can do that what a wonderful way to stay busy.
  10. Congratulations on your 9th Anniversary. I am happy you have found ways leading you to a happier stress free life. I have found mindfulness to be helpful also. All my best as you continue your journey. Be well, Jean
  11. Hi Ann You have been through so much and yet you find strength for your boys❤️ I send you sincere wishes for continued strength waiting for your September date ...I think you will indeed rock that clipping scar xoxo Jean
  12. It is a wonderful feeling to have finally have answers to something that is bothering you. You are young and of course want to be your best. I hope you find yourself feeling better soon.. Jean
  13. I am so happy reading you have found a Dr. who is helping you understand what happened to you. A good patient Dr. can make all the difference. I agree with Mario "not knowing is dreadful"...
  14. Hi Colleen, I really understand what you say...Tylenol just doesn't do much at all...I just flew to see our son a nearly 6 hour flight and I was almost out of my mind with back pain...My neck is also a problem with a pinched nerve that causes pain down my arm and some numbness in my hand...I was so miserable for 24 hours after getting to our sons house I could do nothing...I dreaded the flight home it wasn't direct and was not good but better. I would so love to take Ibuprofen but I was advised not to by my neuro. I had a bleed that they could not determine a cause for. No aneurysm sac was seen... So sorry your hand is still numb...10 hour surgery is such a long time...I do hope you are feeling better. I am thinking of a shot in my neck for the pinched nerve, my back is still a mystery I have sensory loss down my leg, some days I get down about it and feel like no point in trying to get help...but I persist, hoping to make the most of each day... Again thank you Colleen, your post made my day, having someone who understands...this is why this site is so wonderful. xx jean
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