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Digital Subtraction Angiography

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Hi all hope everyone is ok x

I was wondering if anyone has had a D.S.A? I have been waiting for results of a M.R.A scan since 21st dec and had a letter sat saying my sugeon wanted tosee me again which worried me so much as he said he did not want to see me again unless i needed more surgery. I phoned hospital this morning and spoke to his P.A who is treasure. she told me he wants to see me about a D.S.A as the the clip he put inside my head in may has left a blind spot on te scan and so they cant give a 100% result. this has made me more relieved than another craniotomy but would like to know more about it fromanyone who has had one.

thank you all

take care carol x

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Hi Carol,

I think all catheter angiograms use digital subtraction. They use a computer to remove (subtract?) the bone and tissue from the images so that arteries show up much clearer. A radio opaque contrast die is also used to enhance the arteries even more. Hope I've got that right.


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thanks keith.

i found a bit online about it yesterday and it seems very similar to an ordinary angio. (if ive got it right to !!) also spoke to angio secretary today and she said all was looking ok and not to worry too much. they seem to think this is just a precaution and thats why surgeon wants to see me again to decide on whether or not to go ahead with dsa or leave alone for a year which would be fabulous.

thanks for replying keith

take care and best wishes


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