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Blood spill in eye

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I have a blood spill in my right eye. I had felt it like twitching a little in the last two weeks and as I have an awful cold I have felt my head badly strained from the coughing and sneezing fits. My nose-throat connection has never been the same since the surgery and complete intubation I had to live with for months.

Yesterday, after a particularly bad unstoppable coughing fit I though my head would burst and something must have. I have an appointment with my GP again tomorrow for the cold and I will also ask her about my eye.

Has anyone had this or heard of anything related to it? It is quite scary to say the least. Thanks.


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Hi Nurianna

It probably is connected to your cold. A month before my SAH I had been out for the evening. At 5am I was being violently sick, this was the Sunday. At work on the Monday my right eye was full of blood, at the top underneath my eye lid. I had had a stomping headache between bouts of vomiting on the Sunday morning. I now know that that was a warning bleed, as having blood in your eye is a sign. But I must stress the headache was excrutiating. I'm sure yours is due to your cold but it would be a good idea to mention to your GP.

Liz xx

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Its probably a small blood vessell thats burst i remember about a month after my SAH and still on asprin i rubbed my eye and ended up with a total blood shot/black eye which took ages to disappear.

It may be the pressure on coughing and sneezing i always have the same thing happen when i am sick.

Sorry not much help hopefully you gp will have plenty of answers, take care.

Love Michelle C x

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