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Non reactive pupil

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Hi all

any of you suffered with non reactive pupil apart from the III Nerve Palsy? After 8 months I seem to be recovering part of my eye movements but have blurred vision specially at short distance which really tires me up.

Feel quite bad if I dont rest for a while and it really worryes me as i work in front of a computer so not able to go back to work. Kids already grown up and I am rather bored/depressed at home. Never been a housewife when kids where small and really still not willing to be one at 50

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hi luisa

im sorry your feeling down this morning may i ask is it just one eye thats causing you trouble if so have you tried to cover the one eye whilst you use the computer to see if it helps you bring the other eye into focus

have you seen an optician to see if they have any ideas on how to try and help you relieve the stress you are under as for being bored us fellas over here could come over and chase you around the property lol that will stop you being bored [sorry ] but anything to stop you being bored take care sweetheart and i hope someone can help you

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hi Paul

Yes its just my right eye, I am very shortsighted anyhow.Tried the patching for over a month as initially could see double with the eye which made my head go crazy.

Had a good laugh at the idea of you all chasing me round the block of houses jaja, would for sure keep me busy but think would need to put some benches over the place to have some rest otherwise we would all end up sick.

Oftalmologist has today given me some vitamins b1-b6 and b12 to strenghten the nerve and some drops. Will see how that goes. It gets worse when I use my contact lenses?? Will visit a private oftalmologist when the 12 month mark comes up (apparently its the time they give this to heal or recover) if not recovered by then ...........

Noboy else replyed to my message so guess none of the members suffered this additional problem. The double vision I can cope with but the enlangened pupil is really a problem

Thks anyhow at least I had a good laugh

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made me smile when i wrote the message lol i think you have answered one of your questions try not to wear contact len's i though the surgeon would have answered some of your questions when you saw him last i think you might be right about the bench's or even a zimmer frame he he i really hope you do manage to get it sorted soon as it is giving you trouble take care

ps i had a mate who worked with me had a patient who had a enlarged pupil which didn't react and he alerted the hospital of a brain injury when he got the patient into hospital the full team were there and twenty minutes later the dr came out of ressus and told him that the eye which had the enlarged pupil was a glass eye as he had lost it many years ago due to an accident he felt a right whatsit but as the dr said it could have been a brain injury so not to worry it was something they hadn't seen before it maybe prudent to carry a card Luisa to alert the medical team should god forbid you ever collapse in the street alerting them if your pupil is significantly larger than the other

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