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  1. Sarah Mums memory will always be with us as long as we live. Remember the good times, hugs and cuddles xxx
  2. Sarah I'm shocked and saddened by mums passing i don't come on here very often due to some very serious health concerns which involve hospitalisations please remember the good times and remember mum will always be in your heart and in everyones memory hugs and cuddles sweetheart just take time for yourself xxx
  3. Gemma I'm so sorry to hear dad passed away words cannot express how you feel, but remember your dad before the strain took hold and remember him in the good days. My thoughts are with you and the family, please look after yourself that's the main thing to hold on to. Will pm you. take care hugs and cuddles from all of us to you xx
  4. Hi Gem I'm sorry you are going through this nightmare I went through the same nine years ago my lins story is within this carers support under my darling lin never give up after eight years lin got what she needed and things began to work in her favour I spent every day with her because I was lost without her unfortunately things went wrong later but she did make progress and with the right help I think dad will make some form of recovery I have just come back to btg after suffering some major health problems and I will check in daily to see how things are going you can always send me a message and I will answer if I can You sound youngish so I hope someone is supporting you chin up and never say no, good luck
  5. miles the fact the dr is keeping an eye on your wife should be reassuring as you say if there is a small leak then he is acting correctly and with due diligence it is well known that surgeons seem to be very off hand to many but the fact he is keeping an eye on things should put your mind to rest and give you peace of mind good luck to you both
  6. Hi Beverly I would think this needs to be seen by a neurologist at the treating hospital although we cant give medical advice it could be linked to the bleed so get checked out speak to the specialist nurse of the hospital where you were treated just to put your mind to rest
  7. Rook Never take what other people say, i'm surprised that no further help is available from the NHS this is wrong, please send me a private message, if I can help I will. My Lin had a grade five plus and eight years down the line help was available and improvements were made. It's down to mum as much as she could do and with a little help more may be achieved, speak to her social worker. What about the day clubs which are available. I will send you a pm, but only answer if you want to. Good luck to mum and take time for yourself.
  8. hi lisa I would take what super Mario and Clare are saying to you I have a feeling what's wrong but he needs to see a neurologist as a matter of urgency so push gp or speak to the secretary of the surgeon who treated your husband way back when don't take no for an answer please nobody needs to suffer like he is when help is available so seek and speak to gp good luck to you both
  9. hi Tara Although it sounds scary, its common for a flap to be taken out to relieve pressure. Also if mum has fluid then the ventricles maybe blocked hence the infection which can be treated with antibiotics. Please try not to worry too much and if the ventricles are blocked that is something else that can be sorted. The main thing is to support mum and not let your fears show. Wishing mum well and that you relax a little because this is fairly common procedure. Keep us informed on how mum progress's, stay strong and take one day at a time please and make sure you have time for yourselves.
  10. well done super girl an inspiring message and long may it continue sweetheart maybe we could put you up for doing the three peaks next year lol but everything aside you are an inspirational person who had the foresight to set up BTG as an aid to your recovery enjoy your new life and by the way the spaghetti and meatballs look tasty lol have a fun day sweetheart hugs and cuddles
  11. Hi Katie Nobody deserves to be on the scrap heap post bleed and that includes you. I understand where your coming from and can only suggest that you talk to your gp and ask to be referred to a clinical psychologist who would understand how you feel and offer some support so that you could be able to control your outbursts and discover what triggers the outbursts which is obviously down to the region of the brain which has been affected. The old adage of count to ten before answering could apply but you are human and everyone reacts differently to situations that occur in daily life. Does your employer know you have suffered from an SAH the psychologist tests are different from a clinical psychologist who work with you as a person and not follow the so called guidelines thy help you come to terms and help manage the changes you are experiencing. I'm not sure the hospital have forgotten you if you have other annies it would be prudent to ask the gp to refer you back for another scan and check up just to give you peace of mind, and just remember you are not alone we are here for you Good luck and remember count to ten lol hugs and cuddles xxx
  12. Hi Mandy Yes its normal to have back pain and discomfort, it takes three months for the blood to be absorbed back into the body via the spinal tract and it can lead so some severe discomfort in the early days. 8 weeks is certainly very early to expect blood to have dissipated this soon but it does get better over time, good luck.
  13. Hi Linda I'm sorry about your Mum, but she has survived and is making good progress, even at eight weeks. I would recommend that you ask Mum to be listed for a rehab centre. You haven't said where you are in the uk but I do know of several rehab centres and one in particular. I will send you a private message to gain more information. The hospital do have a phyiso department but a rehab centre will help Mum with all aspects of Mums recovery and you can self refer Mum to rehab. 75 is not old nor over the hill try and get the experts to view Mum and take it from, there don't give up. Confusion is normal at eight weeks so is the N/G tube. Mum needs support not consigning to a nursing home just like that. I know their under pressure, but eight weeks being to soon, good luck to you both xx
  14. Hi Rook I'm sorry to hear about mums bleed but glad she made it and came back to the uk and that she is due for discharge. Several things need to happen, are the hospital aware of mum is living alone? Ask if a care package has been or is being put in place for mum to have carers come in several times a day to get her up and take care of private functions and to ensure she has all the help she needs as you have to return to Denmark to work. Is there anyone near mum at home who could be of assistance to her when she does go home, like meals on wheels. Rehab appointments which she will need help to go to i.e. ambulance service this should all be sorted before mum is allowed home. The district nurse carers and all the support you can get which can be arranged at the hospital mum is in, don't let her go until this is all sorted and details are correct for mum wishing you both well
  15. Hi Dilly I'm glad you have found the site I understand your concerns but be rest assured that should further intervention be necessary it will be carried out in a speedy manner if required. It will be down to a neurosurgeon to decide so take one day at a time and try to be positive. Best wishes to the family
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