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Hi everyone. I (52M) suffered a NASAH during an interval training run on September 20,2023. Like many others I felt like I had been hit from behind and had the worst headache of my life and the inability to turn my head due to cervical pain. I luckily had my phone with me and my wife was able to pick me up and get me quickly to the local hospital.


After a CT Scan and Chest XRay, I was airlifted to a larger hospital for a Cerebral Angio, MRI/MRA, and daily TCDs. After nine days in the neuro ICU, I had a second negative angiogram and was discharged with a prescription for gabapentin. 

I was ambulatory in the ICU, walking laps around the unit. As time went on, my legs became more and more painful with radiating pain from my lumbar. I chalked it up to soreness from sitting in bed after being a very active runner, and did not realize that it was probably the tapering of the steroids that was increasing the pain.


Although one doctor mentioned that back pain is common, no one prepared me for the debilitating pain that I have been experiencing since discharge.


Thankfully I found BTG and read so many other stories of sciatic pain and the sleepless nights caused by the pain. I am almost three weeks out from the NASAH and recognize that this pain is “normal” for many. I just hope it wains soon as it affects literally everything.

I am here looking for the “voice” of experience for hope, and perhaps in the future sharing my healing journey to those that come after me. 

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Hi Jim a very warm welcome to BTG :) 


So glad you found us, as you say, you will find lots of very helpful information here and others that can relate to what you are going through.


It is very early days in your recovery. I too had terrible head, neck and debilitating back pain.  It did take a while but it did go away. Things will improve over time.  Drink lots of water and dont push too hard to fast. Very frustrating when you are used to being very active.


Wishing you well with your on going recovery and we look forward to hearing more from you and how you are doing as it will help many others going through a similar journey.


Take care



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