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Hi all,


I have posted before and am so thankful I found this forum. I referred a wonderful young mother to the forum after she had a stroke because you are all so kind and helpful. Anyway, I am 2 years out from my bleed and I still get relapses where I am exhausted and have tinnitus/brain fog, usually after an event (Halloween party this time).


Does anyone have recommendations for how they deal with this? Should I stop using my phone and computer? Should I take any supplements that might help? What’s worked for any of you? I feel frustrated but I am still happy and chugging along. I would ask my neurologist but according to docs, symptoms are gone in six months to a year. Haha. 

Maybe a dark room and listen to a book? Would love ideas. Thanks again for all the support. 

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Hi Esedlock :) 


Welcome back !


Only advice i can give is what works for me. Rest up the next day as best you can. I try and plan a quiet day after a busy one and it helps me a lot. Your body is telling you it needs to re charge. Everything in moderation, not always possible i know.  I found over the years i have learnt my limits, still catches me out on occassions, but i do have to plan if i know a busy day or a late night. 


Two years is still early in your recovery, you will find out what works for you, trial and error :)  


Take good care

Love Tina xx

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