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Alcohol drinking

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Hi ,

I almost never drink , but i was just wondering, it's been 2 months since i had my SAH and I've been feeling pretty good. I was invited to a wedding ... and well, just wanted to think why do you guys think on having , i dont know a beer or 2...Is drinking dangerous for me?

Thanks for your advice.

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Hi Denisse

I have not had many alcoholic drinks since my SAH, and actually had none at all for the first 6 months, as I didn't fancy it. I had felt like I'd had the worst hangover of my life with the headache and migraine following the SAH so just didn't fancy alcohol at all and any subsequent hangover it may cause!

I then had a pint of lager shandy on a sunday lunchtime (after a busy saturday for my birthday party in June) and slept solid for 2 hours!! lol...

It depends on any medication you may be taking of course but I do believe a couple of drinks are okay, just not alcohol in excess as of course we need to keep ourselves well hydrated. As long as you follow up with some water you should be okay.

Take care and have fun at the wedding

Kel x

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Before I answer your question, I would just like to point out that I am not a doctor. All I can do is share my experience. Only your consultant can answer your question specifically.

I wasn't fussed on drinking before my SAH, but these days, I enjoy sharing a nice bottle of wine with my boyfriend. (My SAH was November 2009.)

I don't drink much because I can get tired at the best of times and I was a useless drinker before my SAH anyway! My consultant told me that it was ok to drink.

Like everything in life, moderation is the key. Just be mindful that alcohol can make you tired and it's also a depressive. It's for this reason that I don't drink alone. Post SAH we may be prone to fatigue and low moods anyway. I see no problem with sensible, social drinking however.

Enjoy the wedding. Have a quiet week preceding it. I find a quiet few days before an event helps.

Take care

L xxx

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Hi Denisse

As far as I'm aware the odd drink or two does no harm. I've been advised not to drink alcohol but there are medical reasons for it. I have had my vertebral artery coiled off as well as the aneurysm, therefore the effects of alcohol would hit me very quickly! I also have problems with my blood pressure and alcohol can have an affect on this too. Also I have inherited this problem and have been told that the weakness that caused the first aneurysm could be present in another artery and that it would be wise not to have alcohol.

I tried a very little champagne when my youngest son turned 18. I had a couple of sips and the room started to spin, so I've listend to the docs and don't touch it at all!

But many SAH survivors enjoy a social drink without any adverse affects. I can't see any problem if your docs haven't told you what I've been told. But you should talk to your doc if it really concerns you.

Enjoy the wedding!

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Hi Denisse,

Can I drink alcohol?

You are likely to find that alcohol affects you more easily than prior to the bleed, and you may find that you feel drunk or very sleepy quite quickly. As long as you are not taking any medication, then there is no reason why you cannot drink alcohol in moderation. If you are taking any medication, particularly anticonvulsants, then drinking alcohol should be avoided.

Quote from:- Wessex and Greater Manchester Neuroscience Centres http://www.suht.nhs.uk/OurServices/Nervoussystem/SAHSubArachnoidHaemorrhage/SAH(Sub-arachnoidHaemorrhage).aspx

Personally, I find that alcohol has a greater effect on me, than it did before the SAH. You're very early into recovery, so please be careful and remember that alcohol will dehydrate you and can therefore cause a headache. Make sure that you also drink water in between and keep hydrated. I would say, that if you decide to drink alcohol, then just be careful, as it does seem to go to your head pretty quickly post SAH.

If you're taking any meds, then you need to check that it is safe to drink alcohol. Enjoy the wedding! xx

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