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Is it normal to get dizzy spells

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Just a quicky - in the last week I have had 3 or 4 dizzy spells, each one while I was sitting down, not moving around. I had to sit still with my eyes closed and it has gone away after a minute or two. Is this normal, or should I be worried?:confused:

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Hi Tina,

If you're ever worried about anything, then you need to go and see your GP and get yourself checked out.

My bleed/aneurysm was near to the cerebellum, which controls balance and I suffered badly from dizziness etc. Anxiety can also affect you and can cause you to feel dizzy .... ear problems can also cause problems with dizziness, so if what you're experiencing is a first for you, then you really do need to see your GP, to rule out any other problem. xx

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Hi Tina I think you should get checked out with the doctor. It may be any number of things so better be safe and put your mind at rest. I had dizzy spells quite alot especially in the first few months,like Kelv said probably to be expected but go get checked out.Much love x

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