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Hi Traci,

I had propranolol from day 1. I only came off it about 6 weeks ago, so in total I took it for 17 months. I never really understood what it was meant to do for me, but on the whole, I don't believe I had any issues with over anxiety. Perhaps they were working for me the whole time then? Hope they do that for you too.

Sally xx

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Hi Traci

I take daily propanalol and it does work for me.

I resisted being prescribed it for some time as I wanted to avoid the neurotic/anxious label but my GP finally persuaded me that it's an adrenal imbalance that was causing the "fight or flight" response (hence the need for propanalol) and that this was a result of residual damage post SAH.

I'm glad I did listen and now take them on a daily basis, since I started I've not suffered from any anxiety attacks.

Hope they work for you


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