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The benefits of being registered as disabled!

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Hello everyone,

My opthalmologist has now recommended I am regstered as "partially sighted". My instinct tells me "don't do it!" ( know I may be :confused: too focused on my drivers licence! (, I am, even almost 2 years later, aware that, anyone who has never driven will probably think I'm a bit deluded. ) I am stuggling to accept that, something which could have been done in half an hour, now takes two hours, thanks to our "brill" ( and it is) bus service. Is anyone in receipt of a bus pass? It would seem, this would be my biggest gain if I cave in and accept it!:shock: If so, could you please give me reason to believe I will benefit from it. :confused:

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Hi Gary,

Thanks for your response on this one. If I had a penny every time I'd had to explain this one, I'd be a millionaire. The doctors had to explain it to me too. As my brother in law drives with only one eye, I did a bit of complaining when they took my licence away. It seems that a person with one eye can see more because each eyes own visual field overlaps the other. My blind side is the same side in both eyes and protrudes right to the centre spot therefore making driving more dangerous. I have been given the go ahead to do an assessment and although I am confident re the physical side, I know there is a possibility I will again fail the eyesight requirements. One fully working eye is accepted as sufficient. But when both are affected it makes it harder to meet the criteria. And so far I haven't reached it. I would go register, but not if it means I don't get to try their assessment. Thanks again.

Sally xx

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Hi Sally

I know exactly where you are coming from, albeit from another angle. Like all of us I had to stop driving after my event, unfortunately though I then went on to develop epilepsy, so I'm still not allowed to drive, seeing as my seizures aren't properly controlled it looks like it may be some time before I get my licence back.

I do have a disabled bus pass (twirly pass.......Sorry mate, it's too early) you can't use it before 9.30am, I also get a disabled rail card....but unfortunately not the much more useful blue badge.

Surrendering your driving licence has to be a very peronl decision, unless of course they take it off you. Ask yourself whether you are safe to drive, if you truly think you are, then make a report to the DVLA and go through a medical assesment. If you aren't sure, then think about how you would feel if something did go wrong.

It's a horrible, almost demeaning thing giving up your driving licence and some of your independence, I won't pretend the bus pass makes up for it in any way, it just means the pain costs you less! But if you aren't 100% sure you are safe to drive, is it worth the risk.

Sorry don't mean to preach, it's just that I know how you feel, I've done the soul searching and regret bit, unfortunately at the end of the day, I know I'm not safe to be let loose behind the wheel at the moment.

Best wishes


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