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Marfan's Syndrome/hypermobility

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I have atypical Marfan's Syndrome, which is marked by extreme joint flexibility (and in classic Marfan's, a tall, slender build which I sure don't have). Mine is so bad that I ended up having really early knee replacements because the joints had eroded. On the upside, I am extremely flexible althogh the fake Knees have trashed my career as a potential yogi.

Marfan's is associated in some studies with SAH, because it is caused by an excess of collagen which is, of course, carried in the veins which it makes soft just like it makes joints soft. My knee surgeon was much more clued up on this link because he has seen it before.

Does this ring a bell with anyone else? Are there other hypermobiles out there (which is really what atypcial Marfan's is....).

Cheers Joan

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