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hello all

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dont no if im writing in the place i should as not good with pc .and have read lots on hear but dont write to much as not good at that to went to jr oxford today seen another doctor that is going to do my clip op .so have to go back on the 19th september for 4 hours for pre op checks and will have 3 clipped then .got my six month scan on monday did go in to hospital last week as my head was so bad but just got given stronger pain killers but apart from reading others storys on hear iv been left to get on with it .people look at me like whats wrong with me and some think i shouldnt be back at work but i do my job well im a carer for people in there own homes and i love my job .see i sat i was no good at writing i keep forgetting what im tring to say id better go and try to sleep work in the morning so have to be up in four and a half hours i hope u all have a good day xxxx

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Hi Theresa,

I for one, think that you're doing amazingly well! :-D.... and if you're able to work and enjoy your job, then why not, as I'm sure that it will help to keep your mind focused on other things, rather than the SAH and you're upcoming surgery. One of my best friend's is a Carer like you and she loves her job and gets a great deal of satisfaction from it .... it's wonderful that this type of service is available and helps people maintain their independence to be able to stay in their own home. You all do a wonderful job and you should be extra proud of yourself in still being able to help others, after what you've been through and are still going through.... I think your fab!

Yes, there are some people in life, that will be understanding, concerned and knowledgeable as to how you are feeling and others that will perhaps never grasp the concept of brain injury, no matter how much you try to educate them, as we look "well" from the external view and there's no visible reminder for them to see. People are all very different and like life before the SAH, there are some people that are easy to get on with, empathetic and will do anything for you and there are those that perhaps have a tendency to be a little selfish and lack empathy.

I have found, that as the years have passed, I've stopped trying to explain my plight or apologise for who I am now (6 years post SAH it starts to get boring!), whether it's something that I can't do physically or because my head is playing up ... If somebody can't understand that a brain injury can leave permanent deficits, then they never will understand, so I'm at a stage where if they don't like my explanation, then they just have to lump it! :wink: However, most people around me are absolutely fine and even though they perhaps don't completely "get it" (I don't think that you can, unless you've been through it yourself) they still show concern and 6 years on, they're still asking how I am, as they realise that even though I've improved since the initial years, that this is something that won't ever leave me completely.

Wishing you the very best of luck for your clipping in September and your scan... hope that you will stay in touch with us, or ask your Sister to pop on and let us know how you're getting on .... You did the right thing with going to hospital to get yourself checked out and I hope that the headache is a little better now.

Hugs coming your way,

Love K xx

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