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Haemodynamic Stress

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Hey Momo-

Very interesting article! Had to look up the haemo...stress definition. It seems to me that it can be from various types of pressures within the arteries - from high blood pressures to sudden rise in blood pressures in folks without chronic HBP. Those medical studies aren't easy reading:lol: Interesting stuff though. I've never had high blood pressure in my life, fact mine tends to run on the low side. Even when I had my SAH, all my vitals were normal! Passed the stroke tests with flying colors.

I do wonder though, just minutes prior to my SAH, if extreme anger caused a rapid but short lived rise in my bp - maybe enough to cause the actual bursting of the aneurysm. If my BP wasn't elevated during those moments prior, I know my emotional stress level had certainly gone through the roof. My neurologist didn't seem to think that could have caused the burst - but what does he know?:lol: I thnk I may be his 1st SAH survivor patient, and he's probably hoping I'm the last! Too much for him to look into these things and possibly learn something new.

I hope SAH survivors will be studied more so than they have previously done - their early lives, daily living habits, all kinds of things prior to their brain bleeds. Personally, I have put in my will, that upon my death (hopefully MANY years from now!) my body is to be donated to a medical university, where they can study the different surprises they find in my old noggin!

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Apologies if this is too off topic.

Winter, I just finished reading Jill Bolte Taylor's Stroke of Insight. She suggests donating one's brain to the Harvard Brain Bank (after you're done with it, of course) at 1-800-BrainBank. Your brain could go one way while your body goes another (umm not only off topic, but a big gruesome, perhaps...yikes).

Back to the thread at hand I must admit I was interested in the topic of the research paper, but i just couldn't get past the methodology paragraph. I like those cute little Norwegian rats!

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