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SAH and other assorted haemorrhages

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Morning everyone,

here's another of my 'has anyone else had this' questions, if you feel like sharing, i'd love to know!

I'm sure this will turn out to be a weird coincidence - my mum died of an sah 9 years ago. Approx 15 years earlier she had a haemorrhage from an undiagnosed fibroid which resulted in a hysterectomy. She lost almost half her blood count and was ill for a long time.

I had my sah in August last year and about 13 years ago I had a haemorrhage from my throat after a tonsilectomy became infected. I too lost about half my blood count and was ill for months.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? To me, it seems like a trial run for the main event :oops:

Have a good day!

Dawn x

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Hi Dawn

Ive had some weird blood problems in my family. My mum had Fibroids too which led to Hysterectomy. Charlotte my daughter had leg surgery when she almost bled to death and needed a whole body transfusion, twice to keep her alive. I had my SAH plus I had severe heavy bleeding after giving birth to Charlotte. My other daughter Lauren keeps having massive nose bleeds, which literally cover her and only last a few minutes.

Maybe there is some blood clotting link going on, maybe just co incidence.



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Hi Dawn

I think it's a coincidence. I had a fibroid, which was discovered when I was in labour with my first baby and it was subsequently removed. About 20% of women will suffer from fibroids, so when you look at how few people suffer a SAH, I don't think the numbers show a relation. There are lots of reasons as to why fibroids start to grow but they grow on muslce tissue, where as an aneurysm grows on an artery. I agree with Mary, heavy bleeding can be a clotting factor problem. I know that was one of the tests they ran when I was admitted with my SAH, and my clotting in normal.

My daughter used to have dreadful nosebleeds that would go on for more than 1/2 an hour. It was thought that she had a problem with her vitamin K levels or her clotting factor. But both were normal. These stopped onece she had come through puberty, so they thought it was her hormones causing the bleeds. Our hormones have a lot to answer for!

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Hi Dawn my strange coincidence isn't to do with blood loss but about 6 years before my SAH, I had a Bronchial Cyst in my neck which had to be removed on the left side same side as my SAH. The Consultant at the time said it was a birth defect that I was born with, my SAH was put down to being congenital as well.

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