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Craniotomy - swelling and strange sensations

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Hi, It's been 10 weeks since my craniotomy and clipping. We had a few days of hot weather recently and my scalp around the

incision would swell and pull my eyebrow up on that side (I walk around looking quizzical when it's hot!). It also happens when I exercise

and start to sweat. Does anyone else notice this happening? I'm curious how long it takes for the incision, nerves and muscles to totally

heal. I'm always aware of my scalp on that side. It seems like it's constantly tingling, tickling, pulling, etc. I even notice the numbness

moves around... sometimes my forehead, eye or cheek will be numb. So strange! Just wondering if others who had a craniotomy are experiencing

similiar things. Lisa

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Hello Lisa,

Gosh... Let my try and cast my mind back to earlier days of recovery... I really wish I'd kept a diary.

I had craniotomy on left side so they could get to my bleed which was two inches behind my eye.

I remember lots of strange noises, clicking, things shifting back into place. I was told this was all normal, still a very freaky feeling though. My scar was very tender and itchy for a fair few months. Where they cut through my jaw I still get a few probs there too.

It will get better with time. I used to also get a very bad tickly feeling deep inside my head, which I still sometimes get. I wanna delve my fingers inside and scratch!

I still now get a tenderness to all that area, more so when combing my hair or at the hairdressers it can all get a bit much, although all the staff are great and will ask. I also feel the changes with the weather,bad pains when it's cold. Yet to find out what happens when it's really hot. I've kinda learned to live with all the changes but it's not been an easy task. I'm hoping that as time goes on the symptoms will lesson.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Hi Lisa

I just want to reassure you that Im the same- strange feelings going on in my head. Buzzing, soreness, swelling in the early days. Sometimes bad headaches. Some very strange sensations. Cold water feelings. Like its getting poured around inside my head.

Yes I had a Craniotomy- 18mths ago!! We have to adjust! We are here! And we are a bit different- Dont rush take it easy and it does get better!!

The most important thing to do is give yourself the time.................. Put yourself first and dont worry too much

Sometimes these "strange sensations" can last a very long time but I am a very happy person regardless of the complications it has brought to my life beacause it has made me realise how wonderful life is.

This site has helped me so much its unbelievable and always remember to come here when you need it

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