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Stroke unlocks creative powers

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Stroke unlocks creative powers? We've often heard about people post stroke suffering a personality change ... normally, the scenario is a placid person pre stroke, changing to a more aggressive personality post stroke .... but I've often wondered whether the same could apply vice versa ... an aggressive person pre stoke turning into a placid personality? Anyway, here is a link to a story that's quite interesting ....


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Guest Firefly

:D Cool article!! I had a ruptured "Annie" and threw a clot during surgery. That is so strange, I have written so many poems / songs, paint & draw... I have to be in the right mood and I am not any good but, it is such good therapy for me! It helps get all the feelings out in a creative way instead of anger and agression!! That is a great story!!

:?: The day I came home from the hospital, I walked by a little shelf of antiques. I had a little glass item that I couldn't figure out what it was for? It was my grandma's, I even ask a antique dealer and they didn't know. Anyway, as I walk by the shelf I stopped, picked it up, looked at my hubby and told him what it was!! :?: I don't know why, but there are other things that come up all the time?? The brain is so amazing!! :)

Too bad I can't remember what I am doing or saying now!!! :P My short term memory is soooo bad.

It is nice too get to know you all, you will have to fill me in on your stories and have patience becasue I have trouble remembering what I just read!!

I will keep everyone here in my daily prayers!!! Take care, Tricia

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Hey Firefly,

good to hear from you, its interesting to hear about your creativity since SAH, I reckon creativity comes from all sorts of trauma in our lives!

A few years ago, my eldest son was badly assaulted, the docs never said he had a brain haemorrhage but they said his brain had been shaken badly when his skull was fractured.

Rich had always been a sort of "arty person" but the creativity that was released from his brain injury was amazing!!

In a different way, my husband had a triple heart bypass in 1998 following a major heart attack, I myself, like Richie, had always been fairly "arty" I found myself with a new "talent" when John was hospitalized having his bypass, I started painting glass, it was my way of passing the hours while my husband was so ill. (earned me a fair few quid as well!!)

Like you, I put my trust in God, He is the only way I cope with my life!!!!

In fact, my last clear recollection after I had the SAH, (which incidentally was when I was in church!)

Was of someone praying for me when I was lay on the floor, not able to lift my head!!!

Speak to you soon,

love Suexx

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