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Starting Back to orchestra

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Hi all,

I'm starting back to orchestra tomorrow and I am a bit nervous. I hadn't really thought about it until my neuro- psychologist asked me to prepare for it. I laid out 7 things to consider and now I'm anxious. I think I've set myself up for success, but all this for a hobby that I used to not even think about. I hope the preparations pay off. Wish me Luck!!


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I play cello.

It took some planning, and I was anxious, but it worked great and I was even better at sight reading than the woman who was next to me! I forgot however, that there is a lot of waiting in rehearsals. Waiting for people to find their place, waiting for the conductor to rehearse different instruments, and by the time it's over, you'd better be ready to play ASAP! So that was a little jarring, but I don't think anyone heard me muttering under my breath, which I tend to do...I'm very verbal since the SAH. I did have to leave early, but that was all part of my plan...to ease back into it.

All in all, a success. Music has helped me so much during my recovery. At first, I thought I'd never enjoy playing again. Thank goodness, I was wrong. That trickster...SAH.


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I have always loved classical music.

Music can really soothe me.

Funny thing is much of the music on the local radio station is popular but I find the songs seem to "ramp up" Choruses jumping in before the line is finished. I know musically for many it is normal. But I find that style of music aggravates me to no end.

I can listen to a fugue or a canon and have no issue in that regard. Perhaps it is the lyrics, my brain trying to process one when the next jumps in.

I can set off to go out for supper with my wife, we live less than 5 minutes from our favourite restaurant, If the wrong song is playing on the radio it can ruin my day.

I should pack an mp3 player with my own tastes :D

I am very glad you are enjoying playing again. Keep up the good work.

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