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I had an eye specialist appointment today for a check up. Thought it was going to be another 'everything is the same, see you in 6-8 weeks' visit. But it wasn't! After looking in my eyes an extraordinary amount of time this time, the doctor told me that I have a new vitrial bleed in my right eye. He's not sure what caused it yet, but he didn't seem too worried. He wants to see me back in two weeks to see if there is any further change. He may not be too worried about it, but it's not HIS eye, so I'M a bit worried!

My left eye after the SAH was completely 'blacked out' from vitrial blood. I couldn't see a thing except on the edges. I had to have surgery to remove all that blood (well most of it) so that I could see at all from the left eye. From the surgery I am able to see, but the vision is still extremely blurry. I'm terrified that I will have to end up getting the same vitrectomy surgery in the right eye.

Does this nightmare never end?

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Hi Stephanie,

My eyes felt itchy and then went bloodshot mainly the right eye.

I went to Docs who gave me appointment at Opticians, I told her it feels like where my head was drilled, bits where floating in my eyes

and itching them lol but I never knew how else to put it !!

She looked and gave me saline eye drops which did help, but when I saw blob in eye I did get scared lol

All is okay now and Good luck with your eyes xx

WinB143 xx

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