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A Worried Daughter

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My mum had a SAH in 1993.She was rushed to hospital and was on the high dependancy unit for two weeks, She had a coil fitted and everything seemed to be fine.

When she was moved to another ward she unfortunately had a devasting stroke which ended up with her being paralized down her left side and brain damaged.

My dad and my sister and i look after her as she needs alot of care, but she has always been herself in her own little way and we all have managed.The reason i am writing is that just recently she seems to be getting quite nasty. If something doesnt hapen the way she wants or her routine changes then she calls you from a pig to a dog and she seems to get at my dad really bad.

My dad had had enough tonight as she swore really bad at him calling him useless and no good even though he gives her everything. He also works seven days a week and this year he took her to New York.

I am so worried that she is deteriorating and we are concerned about her future.Can anyone suggest any help or advice or tell us why she is becoming like this. Thanks!

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Hi welcome. I tend to have to hold back some real meanness myself. I wonder if medication should be changed etc? I do think this needs to be brought up to her doctors. Sometimes I get so depressed I do not want to talk or worn out but I know see a mean streak in myself that was not there before. I do not know if for me I am not feeling as "thankful" as I use to be or what? Sorry I cannot be more helpful. Marybeth

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Hi there welcome to btg.

I don't know why your mom is getting like that how old is she?, is she in pain?, maybe you ought to take her to see the Dr.

The reason I asked how old she was is maybe it could be age related.

I hope someone comes along who maybe able to answer.

Hope things start to improve soon. Jess.xxx

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I am wondering as well the age of your mother. Is it possible she has Alzheimer's disease as well? I only throw this out there as it would explain her outburst of anger. My mother had Alzheimer’s and one cannot help but wonder as that is what sticks in my mind with a personality change that includes the swearing and angry outburst you described.

I hope I do not offend you by bringing this subject up. But I have been thinking about it for some time. There are neuro drugs for memory for that disease even if you do not have it that they use to help recover from SAH strokes or any kind of memory loss. I would certainly bring this up with her doctor.

Please do not take any offense to my suggestion or thoughts. It is a slow disease that can be there for years and until you have seen it up close it can often mistaken as other issues. Along with her previous situation it could easily been masked.

Kind Regards, maryb

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The SAH seems to be many years ago from what you said, so the usual course is to improve from there. If she is exhibiting new symptoms, I'd want to find out if there is anything medically new. Take a trip to the Doctor. Tell them it is a completely new symptom. However, save your worries until then. All you know at this point is that it hasn't been typical for her. Don't speculate.


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