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so fed up

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Really sorry to moan on but feel I have nobody else to moan on to. Have posted about back and chest pain since getting out of hospital. Well on Sunday the pain in my lung everytime I breathed was horrendous, I'm in agony. Doc sent me back to a&e yesterday morn and I was there until almost 9 pm, again checked for clots which I haven't got. Now got to see a specialist to try and find out what's going on. I want to cry, worrying enough about the Sah without this. I'm constantly in agony and my poor little tot doesn't understand why I can't throw him around as normal. Lisa x

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Hi Lisa. Glad they checked you out for clots. That's good. And they're going to send you to see a specialist too , great you're getting attention and listened to.

I had a lot of shoulder pain post my SAH. It made me breathless it hurt so much. Im sorry i don't have any answers for you to make it better, all I can say is just make sure you take your pain medication and i found alternating heat and ice packs eased some discomfort for me. Someone suggested it could have happened in the surgery , or how I slept in hospital but I dont know the reason, Now 8 months out I get it rarely so it has passed.

Dealing with constant pain is awful, If you can try and find something that works for you to take your mind off it for short bursts.

Your little one is too small to understand probably but needs to know mummy cant do the rough and tumble right now. I suggest for the time being Grandpa should take over the 'throwing about' and you do the less strenuous stuff, I'm thinking jigsaws, reading, colouring.. It wont be forever but if the shoulder is like mine was you probably find it easier if you rest it. Be kind to yourself Lisa.

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I remember feeling just so fragile everywhere. I was also told to get a massage by friends, but the thought of that was just too hard pressing. When you're in pain, it is really hard to live in any other way. I hope it get's better soon. By the way, Doctors want to help, but sometimes they know less than they really appear to know about these things as there is hardly any research about the aftereffects if it's just recovery...however, they are always willing to search for an answer. You have to decide how much searching you're willing to do. It is hard to 'Pull the plug' on searching, especially if you're anxious about everything and it is all so strange and unlike anything you're ever experienced. It took me a while with a lot of wrestling, and I can say that it really relaxed me. I had to find out things on my own and it was the best way. Listening to your body/mind/brain/spirit. You'll find your answers.


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When I get massages I either get swedish or deep. I would not just go to anyone for one as my lady has many years of experience and she often adjust what is needed to be done. I should of stated an experience person, literally there are many types of massages but even getting my feet done helps me all over. I did not let her touch my neck for months after my SAh until I had the surgeons ok. SO ask your dr. first. It is a luxury but it should be necessary medical treatment.

Once I had bursitis and tendinitis in my shoulder ( for years!) and only through massage was I able to get it under control.

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