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Hi Everyone

Just a quick query I'm now 16 months post SAH and headaches and exhaustion are easing considerably but I appear to becoming more clumsy.

I seem to trip easily and bump into things, I was not aware of this before. I do suffer from arthritis but I think this is due to my SAH anybody else experience the same, I would say its similar to being a little unsteady due to drink but I don't drink!!!



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Hi there.

My wife, Heather, is 24 months in and she is still incredibly clumsy. I have been told that this is because she has lost part of her field of vision and because of this her depth perception isn't as good as it was.

For Heather she is more likely to trip when going upstairs or in a new environment.

Take care.


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Yes, I'm the same as Heather ..... I've also suffered loss of depth perception, due to the eyesight .... pot holes and kerbs are my favourites to trip up over ..... but I'm getting better and have learned to adapt and take more care .... and wearing "Granny" type shoes helps. :roll: I don't notice it too much when using my hands, think that I've just got used to the clumsy person that I now am.

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Guest Firefly
:wink: I am almost 2 years post rupture and still have the same problem. It is getting better all the time though. I fell a couple weeks ago walking up 3 steps a screwed up my back. I still bump into things and have coordination, perception and cognitive problems. My short term memory is still very bad. It just takes time and patients. My Dr. told me that the 2 year mark is a "turning point". I have improved so much over the last 6 months. I am still clumsy though!!!! :? I will keep you in my prayers!! Hang in there hun, it just takes time and patience! :wink: Tricia
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