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Size of rupture?

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Hello everyone,

Just got back from seeing the rehab consultant and we asked a few questions, as we all do. I asked if there was anyway that she could help me to get Heather to understand the severity of what happened and how the bleed affected her brain i.e where the bleed took place and how the areas affected work. It was a very positive meeting and she said that having spoken to Heather for a short period she was aware of a vast improvement.

The first thing she did was take us through the scan reports from day 1. The first two scans (CT) confirmed that Heather had had 1 massive bleed followed by a 2nd 2 hours after. Most of the blood was around the middle and the left hand front side although the bleed occured on the right hand posterior comm artery. She then took us on to the angiograms that confirmed the position of the rupture. After that she took us through the operation findings and consequences.

It was at this point she said that Heather had a 12mm tear in the artery!! 12 MM! I never thought it could be possible to have such a big tear! Then I thought 'well is it?'

So, how big was yours?

Take care one and all. :D


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Hi Andy

Mine's not a very big one ... aneurysm, that is :lol: but it sure caused a lot of trouble! You can see some of my angio pictures in the photo album. My SAH was grade 4 as the CT scan not only showed blood around the surface of the brain, but also blood in the ventricles. I also suffered a second bleed about 6 hours after the first.



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You can see mine on my brain scan too. They reckon it was only a 4mm anuerysm and the tear was more of a puncture hole and thats why I'm not as affected as I could be. They also coiled the second ani which sits next to it.

Sami xxx

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