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New here! IKim


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Hey! So glad I found this group! Just a short couple of weeks ago on May 11, 2013 at 8:15 pm I was headed out to dinner after church with my daughter and her friend. I felt fine the entire day, but had noticed something different in church that night that I never do! I caught myself dozing off several times during the service. I felt rally tired and had a slight headache. I chalked it off to having a long day and was hungry. I drove my daughter and her friend to a Mexican rest for Cinco demio. As soon as we pulled into the parking spot my headache got worse. I got out and took a couple of steps and BAM! I was hit with the worst headache of my entire life! I told my daughter to call her dad, that something was wrong with me. He had to come get us because I couldn't drive due to an excruciating headache. We made the decision to walk into the Rest. In case I needed more help. My husband rushed to us but not soon enough. I had my daughter call 911. She was scared! I was scared! Long story short, my husband arrived just in time to talk to 911. Ambulance came, rushed me to small town Hosp ER. 30 mins later, after CT was taken, I was flown to STL University Hosp. I spent one long week in ICU there after running many tests on me over and over. I was so very blessed to have not had an aneurysm! I was diagnosed with a benign bleed PMSAH. Thankfully I am home now recovering well. I am experiencing lower back pain, short term memory loss, mild headaches, blurred vision and fatigue.

I just feel so lucky and blessed to be here to tell my story. I go for my follow up appt with my neuro dr on June 4. I will have another CT scan then as well. I'm looking forward to driving again. I am taking Keppra to keep me for having seizures. I'm also seeing my GP tomorrow as well. I am 51 yo in great health. Dr said it was a weak blood vessel in my brain and this could happen to anyone. It was a spontaneous bleed.

Thank you for reading my story. I look forward to getting to know you all. I have to admit, I am worried about this happening again even tho my dr tells me there is a very slight chance of it ever happening again.

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Hi Ikim and a warm welcome to BTG:-D I'm glad you found this site so early into your recovery - I'm sure as you work you way through the threads, you will find that the way you feel is very common following a bleed on the brain.

The other thing you will learn on here that recovery can take some considerable time - always better to prepared as many of have been disappointed when we are not feeling a 100% a few weeks in. It took me 3 and half years to get to a stage where I didn't need a day time nap every other day! I'm 51 too:-D

Good luck with your upcoming appointments and scan,

Take care,


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I am 47 and had mine (NASAH) on Apr 9. Similar story. Did not know what in the world was happening but also knew I had to get to a hospital. After two angiograms they did not find an aneurysm and will go for the third in a couple weeks. I am on keppra as well and took my body awhile to get used to it. Not sure how long I will be on it either.

That is another great thing about the site, it gives you the tools to ask the right questions when you see your doctor.

Keep healing!

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Welcome Kim,

I am in Indiana, is that St. louis University?

Welcome to our site, most of find this place a real home. Somewhere where everyone understands each other and that it is so wonderful that you found this site so early on.


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Hi to you new posters! I too had a NASAH or pmSAH. I think I started off worse than you, so I'm sure you'll have a better recovery time than me, but for each person it is different and doesn't seem to correspond to what the doctors all think. There are people here who were told that they'd never walk and then to everyone's surprise they did and others that were told (myself included) that we'd have a 100% recovery only to find out that hasn't been the case so far. At any rate, at BTG you'll get many questions answered as long as you post them. AND what a terrific place to vent when no one else gets it.

Hope to hear more from you.


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