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SarahBeth-Just joined the site and wanted to say hi!


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Hi Everyone,

My husband discovered this site by accident last week after i had a particularly bad few days and was really worried about what was going on in my head! I was so relieved to read some of the posts and found that what i was experiencing was typical. It really set my mind at rest and i decided to join so that i can get more advice and support. I had my SAH in February whilst in a meeting at work. I just felt like hot liquid was running down my neck followed by immense pressure. My colleague took me to the doctors and then i went to A and E where the SAH was diagnosed. I was in hospital 12 days and had 2 aneurisms treated with coils. I still have 1 aneurism that hasn't been treated but i will hopefully know the outcome of what will happen to that one when i have a scan on the 18th June. I had a TIA about a month after the op which was scary but thankfully none since then. I feel like the first two months recovery were quite good but i started going back to work after 11 weeks and then my body seemed to rebel a bit and i became really tired and had a bad head for days. I have now been signed off work again with a view to gaining my strength back and starting again but taking it slower this time. I find it really difficult to come to terms with how quickly my energy is depleted....and also coping with a headache of some sort most of the time! Does anyone have any general advice on how to manage the headaches and the fatigue? I have a 2 year old who is very lively so i try and deal with my little whirlwind as best i can and rest on and off during the day when she is at nursery. Unfortunately it seems to be the housework that is not getting done as sometimes i just look at it and cannot summon the energy to do it!

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Hi Sarah Beth!

Welcome, I am 54 and have no kids at home and my house work is hit or miss. Today I actually swept AND gardened but I will pay for that little adventure later.

House work is not as important as we think it is unless you are a hoarder, I will take it back. My mom kept a spotless house and really that is all I can say about my mom. Her house was always clean. I go in spurts. You have a little one and are really very early in your recovery. I hired someone once every couple of months ( a young gal I know) to help me clean so I did not feel so out of control by it. It is well worth the couple of hours of pay.

Fatigue is the biggie for everyone, pacing is key or at least it helps some. I read articles on every brain diseases and injury to gain insight on how to function better. I have fibro and that network has loads of information- today facebook post was on "sensory overload". So your information may not come from SAH sites it comes from many sites. I also look at MS, CFS and a couple of others that have ways to cope along with some added advice. I believe so much is interwoven.

Water is highly important as well as resting before you hit the wall. It is really, REALLY ok to do nothing but sit and watch your little one. I mean it. I lay on the sofa most of the time I am not working - ok at least 50% or more of the time.

I started with a therapist at about 1 1/2 years and it helped as well. I just need to validate my feeling and know I was normal for a brain injury as the Neurologist is useless for making me feel normal or even OK. I felt so overwhelmed with my limits that I had to really sit down and look at life differently.

Hope everything continues onward and upwards for you!!

Good Luck! Maryb

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Hi Sarah

Snap. Yep had mine at work and as far as my kids were concerned mummy went to London one dayand just didn't come back, not for 8 weeks anyway. My two were 7 and 9 when it happened so easier to explain to them that they needed to help out post event. I joked with my eldest that I'm like a character in a Jaqueline Wilson kids books. Her mum's are always total drama cases.

With a two year old to care for I would definately go to those friends who offered help and be honest that you are struggling say ,' yes please I do need your help, can you do this?' . Ask for lifts , ask for them to get your shopping, take your little one to the park and ask them if they can do it regularly for a while so you can plan some extra rest times. Tell them why it will help, they will be happy I think to be asked.

Work. Read the thread on that. It's long but great advice. The simple facts are that you've given your control centre a horrible shock but it is still running everything and trying to heal so it's using up masses of energy. It's clever but achingly frustratingly slow.

Don't worry about the housework, it really can go hang. If you can get someone to help then do, if not then just squirt bleach down the loo and count the dustballs with your daughter. Come here and ask anything hat bothers you. Better than sitting and worrying in silence

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Hi Sarah & welcome to BTG.

nathan was just turned 4 when I had my anni (no rupture for me but clipping & vasospasms) & although he seemed to cope well with it he did take a lot of reassurance that I was ok. I was very lucky in that Nath was at nursery part time & they took him full time when needed at no extra cost. Hubby was also able to work from home for a few weeks when I first came home which was fab. He also worked part time when I was in hospital & came to see me every day (not easy doing a 40mile round journey every day with a 4 year old!)

I would def say the first few months are a huge learning curve as I know i thought I would buck the trend & be back to normal after a few weeks. I was sleeping lots in the early days & having day time naps too & when I tried to do too much I really paid the price!

You soon learn to pace yourself & avoid things that tire you out too quickly but you can still try to add a few more activities if you feel ready to.

With such a young child around you really do need help wherever you can get it from, even if its only to look after him/her while you sleep. Try & sleep when you need to or just rest somewhere quiet & dark which will often help just as much, drink lots of water too cos it really helps the headaches. You will also learn to spot the signs of fatigue coming on & be able to rest before it really hits & causes another headache.

Take care & rest when you can xxx (oh & housework will still be there tomorrow!)

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