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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this. Win was a real character and will be greatly missed
  2. Paul I'm so sad to hear this news (thanks karen for posting on fb for those who don't regularly visit btg now). I know what an amazing love you had for each other and the things you battled through to get Lin the best of everything. You were an incredible advocate for her and no-one could have done more. Please look after yourself and know we'll all be with you in spirit at the funeral, holding hands and giving you strength. I am at a loss to express how sad I am for you, juast know that we all love and care about you x
  3. I too felt weak and anxious being home. Its perfectly normal especially if you are pushing too hard to get back to your old life. Lots of rest and plenty of water are essential to your recovery, rest in a quiet, dark and peaceful. Don't assume sitting watching TV or chatting is rest because it really isn't!! If you broke your leg youd stay off it for 6 weeks, your brain is never still even when you're sleeping x
  4. Mine was right posterior communicating artery so I don't know if its the same area. I just had double vision and eventually a completely closed lid by the time they operated. Because I'd had pressure in the bundle of nerves which work the eye/lid and pupil they weren't sure how much vision would come back. Sadly the up and down movement and the pupil dilation didnt come back Weighed up against the comment that if it ruptured I would die (I assume because it was at the back near the brain stem) I literally had no choice. I don't think any op is without risks but personally I couldn'
  5. I had a clipping on the right posterior communicating artery which was close to the 3rd nerve of the eye. Mine wasn't a rupture so I knew I was having it. It went well although I did have vasospasms and ended up in hdu for a few days. My vision has not fully returned and I still have no up or down movement in my right eye so have to have the right lens of my glasses frosted to prevent double vision. If you want to ask anything feel free to pm me x
  6. Nathan seems OK today but I know tears are close. He went to bed exhausted at 8pm and fell asleep quickly but by 9.30 he was up and upset. He spent an hour with Ian talking about his teacher and Minecraft and Pokémon. Today we're taking flowers to the front of the reception door, I know it'll be covered in flowers by then, there were already flowers there at 8.30am I've told him its OK to be sad, most of the pupils were in tears last night. I've said if he's worried about anything to speak to pastoral care. I'm not sure how much of what he's feeling is about my surgery as he's not
  7. Nathan is upset (tears as he came out) and has linked it to my op, but I've reassured him I am fixed and it won't happen again. He's had some chocolate (the cure for most ills) and asked to take flowers in tomorrow as school said they can. To be frank, I think the school has handled it very well and said if anyone has any questions or needs to talk to someone they can. I've stressed to him that if he's worried or upset not to keep it to himself as school will understand. Honestly, it's hit me more than him, as it brings back those awful memories of what he and Ian went
  8. I've had an email from Nathans school today telling me that his teacher (29) passed away yesterday following surgery for a bleed on the brain. She passed away at Wessex neuro where I and quite a few of you were treated. School are telling the pupils this afternoon and they've been adviused to say it was a bleed in the brain. I've spoken to pastoral care and they're going to keep an eye out for Nathans reactions. They have counselling etc in place. I'm hoping he won't link this to my op which was 6 years ago and on an unruptured anni. Desperate to pick him up and reassu
  9. Hi Maya. I also had an unruptured aneurysm. Mine was unstable though and had grown to 5mm. Given that it had grown and might possibly grow again I was offered surgery. I was given the choice of coiling or clipping. Given that clipping usually meant no further action would ever be needed I chose to be clipped. My son was just turned 4 at the time and like you i was terrified. For me there wasn't an option not to have surgery so it was a done deal when I went in. 6 years on apart from double vision my only major issue is fatigue. I do most things I did before although I w
  10. I agree with Karen on this one. Trying to cope on your own really doesn't help. I was scared for a long time after my op. I had a lot of help from headway in the early days but I had refused their help initially as I thought I could manage. I was 6 months post op before I could accept help. From there I had some cbt which wasn't wholly helpful and was offered anti depressants but again I refused them several times. It was only when I was still tearful and anxious I decided to give them a go (about 18months post op) and yes it works slowly but I remembered how to laugh and be happy
  11. Suzi I chose to be clipped, was offered the choice of coiling (with yearly angiograms) or clipping because it was a line drawn under the treatment I chose clipping. It was my first surgery of any kind and I was terrified but I was more scared of repeating the angio (they struggled to stop the entry site bleeding) on a yearly basis. The lady in the next bed to was coiled after rupture, her recovery was nowhere near as good as mine. I didn't rupture but had complications with vasospasms and the pressure of the anni on my brain for 6 weeks so there are people who have recovered bette
  12. I had an unruptured anni clipped 6 years ago. The clipping went well but unusually I suffered vasospasms after the op (I'm told this usually only happens when there's been a bleed) and was on gelofusin (sp?) For about 10 days post op. I was in HDU for about a week during that time. I don't think I was given anti consultant drugs but the name namipodene rings a bell. I was discharged with no additional media and was told the risk of seizures is greatest during the first 3 months. By the time of my review I was well enough to be discharged without further treatment. Just really
  13. Brilliant news, so chuffed for you paul x
  14. I was awake for my.angiogram, don't recall having a sedative other than the numbing injection in my groin. I felt no pain at all, there were flashing lights as they injected the dye into both arteries in the brain but it didn't hurt. Unlike a ct with contrast you don't get that warm feeling as they inject the dye. The only problem I had was the bleeding from the entry site, they had to push hard for about 20 mins and I had a huge bruise but that soon faded. For me the worst bit was having to lie flat for a couple of hours even if you needed a wee!
  15. First was the huge pulsing pain behind my right eye followed by the headache I then had migraine in hospital before they sent me home. Blurred vision,really bad head and neck pain followed. Then complete double vision and my right pupil dilated, eventually my right eye closed completely. The head pain was constant and migraines came and went throughout the 6 weeks until the anni was found
  16. I'm 6 years post clipping and still get headaches. Mostly due to not drinking enough or not sleeping too well. I suffer with sleep apnea too so my sleep us very hit and miss! Agree with.others, drink plenty and quiet time are essential
  17. I too wasn't told not to drink but then I didn't really drink before the op.I do have a Bailey's or pimms occasionally but the headache the next day isn't worth it, mostly due to my meds rather than anything to do with the sah. I don't miss it but never really drank before anyway. I think you need to check with your Dr before indulging x
  18. I'm 5 years post clipping and still get odd feelings. My head has been.itching lots recently but the creeping/ trickling water over my brain has gone.
  19. Sammy welcome to btg. Lots of rest and drink lots of water will help with the headaches. You'll need quiet times just to recoup your energy and allow yourself to heal. I went on holiday in the August after my clipping in the June. I didn't do any driving but it was exhausting. I managed an hour or so on the beach before the noise and movement became too much. If you can factor in rest time during the drive and ferry crossing that would most definitely help. rest really means time somewhere quiet and with the lights dimmed. I didn't have a haemorrhage but did suffer with vasospasms after th
  20. Hi and welcome to btg Issy Most of us in here have had an sah but I had an anni without the haemorrhage which is more unusual. Hope you like staying with us and that you get help and support when you need it x
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