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    suffered an unruptured sub arachnoid anurism which went undiagnosed for 6 weeks. Thnaks to Wessex Neuro & Mr Sparrow who carried out my craniotomy(surgery involvoing operating through the skull with a piece of skull removed) to clip the anni I only have problems with my right eye despite suffering vasospams during and after the op.
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    card making, Employment and Support Allowance, Pro Markers, Cuddling, God understands our praye
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    voluntary admin at rowans hospice
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    28/4/2010, 2 clip right post comm artery

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this. Win was a real character and will be greatly missed
  2. Paul I'm so sad to hear this news (thanks karen for posting on fb for those who don't regularly visit btg now). I know what an amazing love you had for each other and the things you battled through to get Lin the best of everything. You were an incredible advocate for her and no-one could have done more. Please look after yourself and know we'll all be with you in spirit at the funeral, holding hands and giving you strength. I am at a loss to express how sad I am for you, juast know that we all love and care about you x
  3. Mine was right posterior communicating artery so I don't know if its the same area. I just had double vision and eventually a completely closed lid by the time they operated. Because I'd had pressure in the bundle of nerves which work the eye/lid and pupil they weren't sure how much vision would come back. Sadly the up and down movement and the pupil dilation didnt come back Weighed up against the comment that if it ruptured I would die (I assume because it was at the back near the brain stem) I literally had no choice. I don't think any op is without risks but personally I couldn'
  4. I had a clipping on the right posterior communicating artery which was close to the 3rd nerve of the eye. Mine wasn't a rupture so I knew I was having it. It went well although I did have vasospasms and ended up in hdu for a few days. My vision has not fully returned and I still have no up or down movement in my right eye so have to have the right lens of my glasses frosted to prevent double vision. If you want to ask anything feel free to pm me x
  5. Brilliant news, so chuffed for you paul x
  6. Thinking of you as always xxx
  7. HI Chloe I had a full third nerve palsy when I was eventually diagnosed & operated it, once I was clipped I could open my eye straight away. I was told I should get all movement back but sadly my anni was pressing on the 3rd nerve for so long the damage is permanent. I have double vision which is too far out to be corrected by a prism & although I regained some side to side movement of my eye the up & down has not returned. My pupil is also still dilated & does not respond to light shone in it. As I have no field of vision deficit my left eyes vision meets with
  8. Paul thinking of you both x
  9. Paul I am so glad to hear your tests came back fine but as for the chest pains they are a warning to slow down or at least share Lins care where you can. Your son would be very worried for you & rightly so, you do need to keep him in the loop & let him do as much as he can for you. Glad also to hear that Lins wicked sense of humour is there bubbling under the surface & she is able to be much more comfortable. Please look after yourself Paul cos Lin needs you to be fit & healthy xxxx
  10. Wade I didn't get chills & shakes but I did find in hot weather I was sweltering, in cold weather I was freezing to the point of chattering teeth. In most other respects I am ok now except for the fatigue & some other issues not relatedv to the sah. I remember my scar itching lots & wanting to take my skull off & itch inside, I also had a creeping sensation rather than the feeling of liquid over my head. I do still get bad heads but nothing like in the early days, its usually related to lack of sleep or being over tired.
  11. Thanks for letting us know Karen & that there is good news about Lin. I really hope a Paul cuts a break soon & has some good news about his own results. Please send them our love if you speak to him again.
  12. Steph I really think you need to ask your neuro about this kind of treatment.Its something only he/she can tell you really. I would certainly try alternative therapies like accupuncture which may help but would be wary of manipulation without the necessary advice from someone medcially trained. I asked my registrar about massage which was fine (even head massage) but manipulation is something completely different. Take care xxx
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